Best Of Lakers vs. Heat 2019-20 Season Series

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Get a preview of the 2020 #NBAFinals by watching the best moments from the Heat and Lakers regular season matchups!

2020 NBA Finals | Game 1 ▶ Wednesday at 9 PM ET on ABC!

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Makka Velli says:

Either team wins Dion Waiters will get a Ring,,,he had rep both for this season

Jason Franko says:

Clippers in 11

Jason Franko says:

Lakers in 4

Jay William says:

CARUSHOW is the best white player in the series.

Bongani Mkhwanazi says:

Who knew this would be a Finals preview?

Screen shot or it didn't happen.

It’s_Dylan says:

Heat fan here: I would say best scenario for us would be to defeat the Lakers in 7 games but who knows anything is possible. Or the Lakers will win, we will have to see


0:9 is that you Michael de Santa from gta v? LOL

It’s_Dylan says:

I think what a lot of people tend to forget is that this Miami team is not the same one we are watching now. All of these guys have improved since then and with the big trade for iggy and crowder I think this team got a lot better for sure. Also neither one of these games were blowouts for the Lakers so perhaps the series will be closer each game than a lot of people realize. First game Lakers won by 15, ok that's a pretty decent win in my books, and then the second win Miami lost by 3 which is very close and if was literally the difference between one or two field goals.

Khen Nuyda says:

Imagine if D wade didn’t retire last year

Edwin Cepeda says:

Why do I have a feeling the Lakers are going to sweep Miami in this 2020 playoffs finals

Stephane Philippeaux says:

Feels like I’m studyin film befo my big game

Al-Ghuraba says:

Lakers need to step up more, they look better in these games and Heat has are looking much stronger in the conf. finals. Gonna be a hard fight.

Bill Chen says:

Congrats to the Heat! They’re going to be a tough match up. You got Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro who can shoot the lights out, Bam who showed us offensively and defensively why he’s a star in this League. Dragic, Crowder, and Igoudala who are top notch Veterans, solid bench players, Leadership and Mentality of Jimmy and an elite NBA coach like Spoelstra. Their zone defense is undeniable, with all that being said and you take into account what they’re capable of doing, this could easily be
Lakers in 5.

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