How to make a nuclear reactor at home

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IF THIS CLIP CAUSES YOU ALARM, I suggest that you watch the whole documentary on DVD or do some further web research on the story before you post overheated comments demanding that it is should be banned! This clip is just a short extract from “Nuclear Boy Scout”, the TRUE STORY of the boy who set out to build a nuclear reactor in his garden shed. We have sold DVDs of the doco to US intelligence and law enforcement agencies as well as scientists and teachers, but no one has come to arrest us as a result! DVDs available from


Jami Laitinen says:

I tried it and i think i failed but why i taste

Tvrdi Mimer says:

Lets be honest the 1 idiot who watched this nuked school

Dev DevFuFu says:

oh they should really upload some solidworks files if we are to fallow them up, Sorry ,if it cant power my hause or car, Iam not intrested

Dev DevFuFu says:

for those getting excited about getting Uranium, its mostly 238, which is useless for your Homemade nucelar weapon toy, you need to get 235 and you need lots of it. if you want a to make a bomb just use something that you can find on the market, Dont detonate yourself, and Detonations stop being cool when you get the bill for all the shatered windows .

SSK Gaming Point says:


Me: Mom i found an egg!

Mom: Ok imma COOK it for you

Me: Ok mom and add a little more salt and pepp-

Johnson DMG says:

“ if the reactor works you can make plutonium” plutonium? For what?

Subhajit Ghosh says:

WOW!!! He is making it without a radiation suit or gloves?

Zach On Blitz says:

i am here to watch not build

Gary says:

I like how positive he is about doing something if done wrong will take years off your life

PewDiePies Dingleberries says:

Sounds like one of them fallout tutorial videos


Dear FBI,
I didn't searched for this.
Thank you

MrPingvis says:

I try it AND IRS WORKED.Wait im think blood from my Mount i will Back.

Arthur Aquino says:

I made it
I just have another eye 😉

ZeniThu says:

you do that then you dont know why you have cancer

Commie Doge says:

Lemme pause the video, I hear heavy footsteps outside the door

Jamil24 _ says:

Not using this for information fbi



DJ_ The killer_ The God YT says:

Do not build This⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️

Sean Okumoto says:

This title is basically trying to say, How to kill your community and trying to make it funny and try getting yourself radiation

MEME DOG says:

"Phineas , what are you doing?"

Squeezie Lafontaine says:

"Your neutron gun is neutron fun! And an excellent source of radiation


Ikhlaq Ahmed says:

Lol that ringing is so annoying

chongshi phoenix says:

Now I can destroy the world

Aiden Joo says:

I'm not gonna do it any age

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