What A Panic Attack Really Looks Like | The Channel Mum Anxiety Series

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This is the harrowing moment a mum suffers a full-on panic attack – as her children play innocently in the background.

Can you relate to Sophie? Remember, you are not alone! The Channel Mum psychologist in residence, Emma Kenny, has put together an Anxiety Course and Toolkit that you can use to help better manage your anxiety.

Parents particularly are vulnerable to suffering from anxiety, even if they have never had issues with mental health before. Our research has revealed that 85% of mums say they suffered from some form of anxiety or mental health issue while pregnant or since becoming a mum. More than half didn’t even get a warning that this could happen!

In our research, we found that…
– Three in ten mums have suffered at least one panic attack and more than a quarter of these have had multiple stress-related episodes.
– 23 per cent have had a panic attack when their child was present.
– Half of mums hide their attacks and have never told anyone they suffer.
– Two in five worry they will be judged for having panic attacks while a quarter fear their children could be taken away if they admit to suffering.
– The most common trigger for panic attacks is feeling ‘I can’t cope’, suffered by 48 per cent of mums reporting attacks, alongside 37 per cent who fear ‘I’m not a good enough mum’.
– The most experienced symptoms include being unable to breathe, suffered by seven in ten and 63 per cent who broke down crying uncontrollably.
– Three in five describe the feeling as ‘overwhelming dread’ with 22 per cent even contemplating suicide.

We’ll be releasing new videos and toolkit content each week, so make sure to come back to the Anxiety Course page each week: https://www.channelmum.com/c/anxiety-course

And to speak to Emma or one of our fantastic trained parent supporters, head on over to our Support Group: https://www.channelmum.com/chat/

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Misty says:

Happened to me yesterday for the first time. Super scary. It was hard to breathe, my throat hurt so badly, as if it were closing. My chest felt really heavy. My mum rushed me to the hospital and they said I was fine. Gave me antibiotics for my throat.

Kalani Crousent says:

Im suffering from depression i couldn't stop crying one day and then a woman yelled at me while me and my mum were out and then i just couldn't respond i wasn't happy all day and here was a lady yelling at me I then bursted out I never done that before and everything was off i couldn't breath I was terrified something that hasn't ever happened to me I was scared I felt Alone my mum didn't know what was happening she told me to breath and i couldn't i had to get my snot up my throat to breath i was scared it would happen again but the whole day even though the attack happened i was still scared and crying the. I felt ok but now as i write this my heart hurts and im scared that that sensation will come again.

Yoki’s Place says:

it like I wanna talk but my anxiety shut me down or tells me to shut up

M H says:

Men could go through this as well

eda beren demir says:

Surprizzzzz thousand human survived please İzzet güllü your book you are not sıcak please please please everyone good itvilbe

Janae says:

I have anxiety too…. Once I was having an anxiety attack but my friend just called me a crybaby. I didn't know what it was, so I believed her.

Roar Cute says:

Am man and am suffering

the hunter of death says:

I got the same thing is not a joke she look like she need to be on medication i got this since 2008 all the way to 2020 i take xanax n it help me it take about half n hour to calm me down now im having moody disorder n stress disorder oh is really suck i feel like im stuck the house all dirty i really dont care that the way i feel is no joke i was a happy person before all this i feel like my life is over im still young 44 now i got another codition diabetic nerve damage n bulges disc disease never use drugs now i have to take drugs so i could feel better n i got chronic pain my life is over omg jesus christ help me please i lost my job that i had for 21 years lost it cus all my condition now im disable can't do much on bed most of the time tried to keep my mind busy by watching movies on Netflix on read a book that interest me i go out side but i get tired n most of my friend they not around anymore they got married they got family now i feel lonely n is suck i tried to comic suicide 2 time is no life for me anymore omg i can't never have my own family no lady will like me whit all this condition i got n is really suck anyway take care girl take your medication always n take care

Rick Ryan says:

I never knew what i had, i never get the chance to see a doctor, i'm just too busy providing food on the plate, but my experience is like a feeling of void and sadness, my heart is racing, i just can't stop sobbing, i feel like no one wants to touch me, and i just need a hug. Nights are really the worst times but everyday it attacks me and get to me without even knocking, i feel like dying but i kept telling myself that i'm strong, and i'm geniunely a happy person, i always tell jokes and i do socialize. But they never knew, and i never knew also what's really going on with me. I've been like this as long as i can remember. Help me please, Help me.

Aaliyah Washington says:

for me outta nowhere:
– sharp chest pains
– trouble breathing
– my heart starts beating very fast
– i start to panic
– cry sometimes
– feeling terrified
– thinking im gonna die
– telling myself to calm down
– i try to find ways to make it stop by moving around

Mari says:

Whenever I have a panic attack I doze off and I start breathing really hard and I feel like I’m drowning but I’m not and I just have to focus on breathing slower and getting all the negativity out of my mind but sometimes it’s really hard because I doze off into a really deep state like half of the time I don’t even hear my family or friends when they try to call me down.

5 Minute Psychology says:

These panic attacks have many faces. Some of the people I work with told me for him it is as if gage was going to get a major heart attack. Another feels like his head is going to explode! I wouldn’t wish it to my worst enemies.

Daddy Nicholas says:

Yep I say the same shit every time it happens which is basically every morning. I genuinely don’t want to be here anymore life isn’t fun for me.

Sophia Alvarez says:

when i have severe panic attacks or anxiety, i just lay down and do nothing. i just think im gonna friking die or its just me

Lumière Diamond says:

for me i would cry and cry untill i couldnt cry no more then i'll start to shiver uncontrollably

•Avøcadø • X says:

I have anxiety attacks and my mom doesn’t believe me…

Tomaruka Sakura says:

My cousin has panic attacks I always pray when she go to the hospital

no one says:

For me it feels like my my air gets cut off and I cant take full breathes, my gums, lips, fingers and feet get very tingly, my feet feel like they are cramping up, it feels like all my blood is rushing to my head, and I get VERY light headed and constantly think I'm gonna pass out or throw up. I just cry and say help a lot. It feels like my body is shutting down when this happens. I'm only 14. Just because someone is young does not mean they're mental health is nonexistent. Anxiety and depression effects people of all ages. Dont invalidate a childs mental health just because they are young.

I hope someone reads this, whoever you may be and whatever your current situation is, I want you to know that everything is temporary, whatever bad is going on will not last a long time. You ARE loved no matter how much you doubt it. You ARE needed on this earth no matter how much you think otherwise. I'm proud of how far you have come. You WILL get through this and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

You've got this.

And if I dont see you again, good morning, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. <3

Anka Van Gemert says:

Single mom here too. Feel hugged. Give them what you missed so hard.

Isagre Green says:

I had my first panic attack at 48 after suffering a trauma and they are scary things.
Thankfully after getting therapy I’m ok now.
The best advice which worked for me was when a panic attack struck I didn’t distract from it. I faced up to it repeatedly by inwardly chanting “I know what this is. I know it will pass”.
Hope that helps anyone suffering❤️

Issa Mar says:

:< now I now my mom cannot breathe bc this happened too her she cannot sleep she has too go too sleep at 5:00 in the morning -.- my dad is so sad plssss like for a pray to god that she is ok bc we cannot go too school bc she cannot wake us up for school she has too rest I give he every thing is has happened for a week now -.- so plssss give a like for a pray to god for her

ash ツ says:

Here’s how it goes for me:
It starts with a feeling in my lower belly, like when you need to go #2. It quickly increases and I start to feel pressure as well.
2. my joints feel like they’ve been taken out, put in the freezer and re-inserted.
3. My heart rate increases, my breathing gets faster and louder, I feel a lump in my throat.
4. My thoughts race and i start uncontrollably crying and screaming.
5. I can’t sit still.
6. As I begin to come down, my thoughts slow and my mind becomes blank.
7. At the end I have a slight “aftershock” with the same stomach feeling, but it quickly goes away.
Everything lasts around 30 minutes.

Teta _98 says:

Im crying after watching this I have anxiety and I feel so lonely

Rahul mazgavkar says:

Get well soon God bless you I am suffering the same guys pray for me as well

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