US health care workers prepare for potential 2nd COVID-19 wave

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Multiple coronavirus outbreaks have hampered the reopening of schools and universities across the country.

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FIRE Fanpage says:

Covid-19 is like a strong flu. People dying of Covid-19…0.2% chance. Chance of dying from the flu 0.16%.

So go out there and enjoy life. Forget masks!!

GameplayUS says:

Videos good

iman ishraf says:

It's like a Tsunami, first wave just make way the path for the second one.

Brones Jendles says:

Buch of dumb sheep.

Susie Arviso says:

Its all BS. The Flu killed more people than Covid. I don't believe there's a pandemic anymore. I believe the shadow government is using the Covid BS to control people. They're studying us to see how we follow orders. They are using this to bleed the economy and collapse it, so they can begin implementing Agenda 21. You better wake up you gullible people.

xavier rodriguez says:

America doesn’t know how To fight coronavirus at all . This covid 19 is going to mess up America even 5 x worst then when it started and the deaths that they are talking about are a lie because some Of those people who die which are 200000 Deaths the media And government are Lie Because some of those people didn’t die from COVID 19 they Die from something else but the government and the media are both Very courrption Because of money .

xavier rodriguez says:

The government don’t know what he doing in every state in America he just wants business owners to lose money and it goes for gyms , hair salons nail salons, night clubs , car washes , restaurants and restaurants dining in , churches and other businesses. If I have to shutdown my gym business again I am not going to shut it down I just going to sit in jail for it because the government not going to pay my gym bills or equipment.

War Machine says:

If you believe in Donald Trump: "Cov19 will one day disappear."
If you believe in Joe Biden: "We are all fucked."

Iam Whatever says:

Its not a virus, we are being lied to, they are spreading a chemical through the air called ricin!

jane says:

donald trump suggested we all inject bleach, why are you people waiting for a vaccine when you already have it under your bathroom sinks? you all can't just assume that because someone doesn't have any medical experience or qualifications whatsoever that they can't give solid medical advice.

xavier rodriguez says:

If the coronavirus does not settle down right now we are going to lose all of our emergency services and it going to be a complete government take over and right now we have 911 but one day we will not have 911 emergency.

xavier rodriguez says:

If this second wave does not settle down of coronavirus and covid 19 it going to be Marital Law which means a day without Law & Order with people Rioting & Looting the Food Markets in America if the Coronavirus does not slow down in America .

Josephine Dark says:

Here is the scientific proof that covid19 is a bio weapon crossed with hiv! An guess who holds the patent on the spiced HIV sequences?? Anthony S. Fauci!
Check it out and spread this to everyone! This bastard needs to be in prison!

Abhay Bhimpure says:

2nd wave….??? god help america..condition back in india is not different than america..we are also having much difficulty controlling coronavirus..i feel sorry for medical professionals..doctors & nurses are dyeing here..i can only tel u guys..pls pls pls take care of yourselves..stay safe..ONE DAY WILL COME GUYS & I KNOW YOU WILL BE THE FIRST PEOPLE SAYING " KISS MY ASS CORONAVIRUS..WE HAVE FOUND VACCINE FOR YOU"..

Zhulin He says:

A message to American people from a Chinese: Freedom is 10 times more valuable than staying alive! Don't wear masks! Your life means nothing if you are obedient to the administration!!!

You2uber0714 says:

CDC website says less than 10,000 folks died in the US from COVID itself. All the other deaths were of other causes… Fact.. check it out for yourself if you want.. Wake up folks. COVID is the Flu!!

Brendan Head says:

Scary stuff!

mr. single says:

Most brainless man in the world is donald trump..i dont know how american people thinking when they choose a brainless as a presiden..dude,are u all nuts?…

Ryan Jones says:

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Let's make a contribution to the world as much as possible.

Zul Azlan says:

Americans always desiring to be no. 1 in everything and anything, from economy, military to technology….

Abdul Latif says:

அமெரிக்கா இப்பொது நாரிகெடக்கிறது தளவாடங்கள் விற்பனை காக அப்பாவி மக்களை கோன்று குவித்து வந்தார்கள் அந்த பாவம் இவர்களுக்குதான் அடைவார்கள

lulu111593 says:

The government of the United states has paid 4 billion dlls for injuries or death caused by vaccines

lulu111593 says:

1986 National childhood vaccine injury act NCVIA removed liability from manufacturers

lulu111593 says:

The CDC owns over 20 vaccine patents
The CDC sells about $ 4.6 billion dlls of vaccines everyday

Original Woman says:

CV is an energetic cleansing. Its not something that can be spread from person to person. Some people's energy is so low and toxic that the process of cleansing (UVC/Nibiru/Christ Energy/Cosmic Rays, whatever you want to call it) is literally killing them. Some people adapt and others cannot. We have entered into a new realm of energy on this "planet". The deaths will ramp up next year. It will get very intense, massive deaths coming next year, with the second wave of energy. The new realm will not allow for demonic low energy to proliferate. The lower frequency beings are being eradicated to make room for the golden age that is upon us. This is why people think it's a HOAX. Because only half truths have been told about so called CV.

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