Quebec and Ontario reimpose COVID-19 restrictions as cases go up

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Quebec and Ontario have reimposed COVID-19 restrictions as the number of new cases continues to rise sharply in both provinces.
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Kate E says:

Let's bankrupt employees and small businesses again.

Fishy Fishy says:

Once in a century new killer virus and adults fail to use critical thinking.
Socializing situations spread the virus. We were told at the beginning lock downs are going to be ongoing.
Long term effect from the virus are still unknown.

lulu111593 says:

Tests are garbage just a tool for their narrative

Harika 79 says:

This changing hours really doesn’t make any sense,it’s not like covid has a punching hours and most restaurant close after 12 anyways,it’s not gonna help bring down the numbers at all ,they should close up for a while only open for take out

Chatter Box says:

COVID is the last thing to worry about catching at an adult club nahmean…..

Maya M.E. says:

If only we could cure stupidity…. its worse than covid

5 flapjacks says:

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JP says:

Menteur. Vous faites de la torture psychologique sur la population. Pour nous garder dociles et passer plein de loi. Vous voulez vidé les coffres de l'état pour un virus bidon. Dont personne n'a besoin. Les medias et nos gouvernement participe a un crime contre l'humanité.

Tomte Tomtesson says:

I remember when Swedes was called chicken Swedes in Canada 😉 Sorry just had to do it 🙂

Jim Sweet says:

When politicians dictates are rooted in science, common sense and logic, then I will comply. Right now politician are not listening to science nor facts. They seem to be in some sort of pre-arrange doom and gloom prescript. Do they care about not getting re-elected, if not, then we need to start worrying about intent. Mr Ford you are on the wrong side of history and you know it.

rustlecompton says:

COVID spreads worse after midnight?

HoverbotFPV says:

PCR is not reliable to determine infection only contamination. How many PCR cycles to detect covid like rna fragments? Can CBC explain the truth about cases not being infections? Nah just destroy the rest of the small businesses none of the staff at CBC have kids or educated friends it appears.

Fernando Velásquez says:

Closing businesses didn't work last time, it only made it worse. And now we're back at it, damn.


I'll NOT trust any Canadian system's or vaccine or accept an R.F.I.D. tracking microchip technology implant.
We're all heading to an eternal HELL ON EARTH if we don't get the entire factual truth's about me and mine and my autobiographys life's documents and paper trail.
I'm from central Ottawa Ontario Canada and I'm very aware of this evil crap taking over the entire human race.
I've been working and studying how corrupted financial, housing laws are killing our own quality of life and most vulnerable people for 36 year's now.
I know myself and God and Canada.
We're all in this together people so ALL LIFE MATERS IN MY CANADA.
Let's get it together and stop these government system's designed to silence me and the truth's and illegally killing our own quality of life STARTING with the most important vonerable peoples documented autobiographies.
This is how to bring about REAL POSITIVE change to are nation and stop the advancement of a racial and ethnic and holy civil war on a global scale.
My life's documentations and paper trail are ironclad evidence of the illegal destruction of quality of life for ALL CANADA.
THANKS for your time and consideration ❤️.
May God bless and protect every God loving Caring honest Canadians from ALL evil and ALL it's workings in Canada and the world.
Take care All.

Slade Grey says:

CASES have gone up because of MORE TESTING. Meanwhile, HOSPITALIZATIONS AND DEATHS have FLAT-LINED. Daily deaths are in the SINGLE DIGITS!!! I hate this country, and LIBERALS made me hate it.

Emma Pitts says:

Oh, but keep kids packed in schools, that's fine.

5zazen says:

vitamin C and D3 may keep u alive if infected

pop ion says:

Everybody should get on war mode and wear gas masks not go to clubs and restorants like virus its not everywhere!

Kamala Ugandan Giant says:

Mandatory vaccine soon to come in Quebec in 2021..Resistng will lead to fines..and home and job losses..Dont will see with your own eyes in 2021.. Your health guru Arruda and your minister Legault are too deep in this project…;Good luck!

Escape3000 says:

Sérieux, on se fait tellement manipuler, bravo a celui ou celle qui a créé ce virus.

Sebastian Pająk says:

You cannot stop the virus

WhoTube says:

Who are the morons liking this video? You people are the real plague.

FIRE Fanpage says:

Covid-19 is like a strong flu. People dying of Covid-19…0.2% chance. Chance of dying from the flu 0.16%.

James Joyce says:

WTF? What is the argument, here? That COVID is only transmitted after midnight?

billy says:

Here we go people lockdown round 2 I’m sure it will be in Lock Step with the uk and Australia get ready for brutal enforcement of ridiculous bylaws.

DavincisGirl66 says:

As a teacher I am conserned that many teens have not changed habits to more safe ones when it comes to social distancing or behaviour when masks are off. Maybe it's because at first there was a strong message that they could not get it. I don't think most of them want to get it and pass it on to family members. I just think it is not in the front of their minds most of the time when they are with others and they continue old habits.

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