North Korea’s Kim Jong-un apologises after South Korean defector reportedly shot dead and cremated

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North Korean leader Kim Jong-un reportedly apologised on September 25, 2020 after a South Korean official was shot dead and cremated by North Korean officials. He was discovered on September 24, 2020 near the inter-Korean sea border after he went missing on Monday. The 47-year-old man was allegedly attempting to defect to North Korea before he was interrogated and killed. Seoul has strongly condemned what they said was an “outrageous act”.

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allen cochran says:

North Korea dictator apologizes? 2020 is the end times

SilverWhi says:

Whuat, wait. In an other news source, it stated that the North Koreans official investigation report given to the South is that: They shot 10 rounds into the man, and failed to retrieve his body, but burned his life jacket and other equipment (protocol for Covid-19 spread prevention) and that they would continue to search for his body.

Christian William says:

They fear isn't corona, it's the fear of the man telling them the thruth about this whole shitshow

Roy Davidson says:

The duplicate apologized

Bob The Meme Man says:

I mean it was an accident! The gun fell and shot him 7 times in the back of the head and a gas can must have leaked and started burning his dead corpse! It could’ve happened to anyone of us!

Bad-Bunny Blogger says:

Yes its bad but can we actually acknowledge they're apologizing. It's a cloud with a silver lining. 5 years ago, they'd of threatened the world. Dark but positive step if handled right.

The One Monkey says:

Kim Jong Un was like:

Oh no! Anyways

Aidan Duncan says:

Why would you defect to North Korea

F LL says:

I was seriously wondering why he defected to North Korea XD And the reason being that he has gone bankrupt… He was defecting from capitalism

Black turbine says:

So you acidentally killed him and then acidentally cremated him….

Sounds north korean ngl

Bit Of Wizdumb says:

Geez kim dung un’s face is getting fatter by the day

yung kyce says:

why would someone from south korea defect to north korea

Abdirahman Adan says:

Didn’t he die

Zirob says:

Hah, that's what traitors get when they want to defect from a democratic country to a dictatorship.

Logan Jones. says:

Watch it, this will be the start of WWIII

Sean Tan says:

where's the apology footage

Virtual-Zero Zero says:

He's gotten friggin chubby o.o

Read-to-hell says:

Also who in the right mind wants to defect to North Korea. Isn't it the other way around usually??

SoggyAppleVirus says:


Since when? ._.

Read-to-hell says:

Wasn't he dead? Kim Jong un? I cant even now. Bye.

Craig says:

The reporter saw something and NK realized and didn’t want whatever it was to be leaked to the public so they dissepeared him

ascending deity says:

maybe he had covid.

Artisme bitch says:

"I'm.. I'm really sorry but anyway"

Shanina DML says:

아마도 둘 다 혼수 상태가 열등 할 수 있습니다. 왜 Lili, Adam 및 Satan 전 아내에게 설명합니까?

partenope says:

Moon jae in is a spy of north-korea.

GamingFps says:

Got karma for Soldiers

Alice P says:

Funny how south Korea sees north korea as a disgrace when their country is like number #1 on suicides

Kim Jong Un says:

From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry.

Zennex says:

Ngl north korea kinda sus

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