2020 Russian Grand Prix: Race Highlights

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Controversy & drama on race day at Sochi, even before the lights had gone out! Catch up with all the highlights from Russia…

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DIYczRC says:

If Lewis doesnt win the championship due to this steps I will be no more fun of F1. This is all but not racing

Patrick Quinn says:

Glad to see vettel back to his entertaining best in qualifying, hilarious, can't wait for AM to fire him next season, so much fun.

DARIEL says:

I feel bad for Perez I feel like he has Talent but if Haas offers to sign him he shouldn’t go to Haas that’ll be a waste of Talent and it would be a downgrade…Just my opinion

Leigh Say says:

What Hamilton ban now before he wins this season

QurttoRco says:

If RBR keep Albon I'm gonna be stunned like dude 10th place in 2nd best car on the grid youre not cut out for front runner team

A D says:

Hamilton isnt dominating. Bottas is just slow

Sir hybr1d says:

Bottas wins: small claps no celebrations

Unscience says:

Hamilton: 10 points on super licence
Grojean: 0 points on his super licence
Fia: we will talk after the race
me: well I'm a seb fan anyway

starbwoi 1 says:

If Hamilton was white he would have won today with no penalty points.

Ihtisham Mazhar says:

ok but please bring Martin Brundle back.

Brian Zhang says:

Channel 4 did an analysis of it after. They cited article 19.1 and 19.2 and honestly I don’t see how this is a penalty. Hamilton didn’t put anyone in danger, the race hasn’t even started and the rules are so vague about all of this. I’m by no means a fan of Mercedes but imagine if something like this happened to Gasly in Monza, everyone would be up in arms and rioting

angel gonzalez says:

Pérez! thank you Racing Point, the upgrade works perfectly !!!?

jeff Martin says:

LM 44, first he is investigated, then he is cleared, then he gets penalty 10 second for the same infraction he was cleared from the previous day, then after the race team gets fined and he gets his super license point back, bunch of white guys trying their best to keep a back guy from equalizing a white guys record. What a joke.

Govind Pilla says:

Fan moments vedio pls

Alvan Karpas says:

Half of the finishing field, one lap down.

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