How Germany is saving coronavirus patients in France

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Adam Parsons gained exclusive access to one of France’s most under-pressure wards -before heading to Germany to see how the country is using state-of-the-art technology to help its neighbours.

The German air ambulance has flown into France, Switzerland, Italy and beyond to airlift #coronavirus patients to hospitals.

A special pod isolates patients so paramedics don’t even need to wear protective clothing.


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Arl Tratlo says:

the diffrence between Germany and the Brits is, Germans are not Brits!

Altautofan Boris says:

the french dont deserve that.

Jens Wehmeier says:

Nice to see such coverage in the international news. Doesn't mean that I think there needs to be a thanks nor has a other country pay for this. But it is quite painful to hear the italien goverment to complain about germany and even more sad words coming across the border. Completly ignoring all help they got.
The President from Italy even purchased a page in a german newspaper to complain about it. Well this doesn't worked out the way he thought, I do not now anyone that is not angry about this move.

The only good thing about it is that everybody could see that not the virus is the biggest risk for the EU but the populists in power.

António Rocha says:

Long life Germany.Salutes from Portugal.

António Rocha says:

Germany slapping in a good way,jajaja

x says:

This is why I love my country

Kat Madridista says:

How things change ….

G7 &MAxx. says:

Germany keep doing great job 🙂

Purple Confidential says:

And Germany can't even save their own people from the terrorists living amongst them. Pathetic.

Avinash Prabhu says:

Less talk more work that's why Germany is winning in this battle of century

jeff strong says:

So tracking app to stop the spreading of China virus with freedom of movement is against people's freedom but locking down the whole population is not? Why is this sound so much like China! LOL I rather see S Korean way for freedom of movement.

litogor says:

Very few cases taken by the Germans …. it is above all a diplomatic gesture towards its neighbor and main partner. If France left the EU, the Germans know that it would be the end of the European Union.
But one thing is obvious: the Germans were the ones who were best prepared against an epidemic …

Ann Gough says:

Alright for all the uninformed: Germany took patients from Spain and Italy as well. It sent medical supplies including protective gear and ventilators to at least Spain,Italy and the UK…. seriously how come so many people dont inform themselves about this but still feel like they can spread lies…..

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