Coronavirus: What it's like in intensive care at St Thomas' hospital?

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Coronavirus survivor David Hunt was taken to the same intensive care unit now looking after the Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Sky’s special correspondent Alex Crawford talks to him about his harrowing experience on a ventilator.

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michah7214 says:

It's terrifying to see a young healthy man being unable to breathe. If our healthcare gets overwhelmed, so many younger people will die. It's only because the health care has been preserved and the outbreak mitigated that most of the deaths are very elderly.That's not ok, but they've been able to save all but the sickest.. so far. People are so arrogant, thinking they know what they are talking about, carrying on about how it's some 'global conspiracy' to control people. Really?? But they won't listen to the health care workers that are on the front line or victims.

Maniac Gaming says:

Crazy how many people die every year of all sorts of things. Covid-1984

Matt Guitar says:

All nonsense.

Jeremy Basil says:

Grow a pair, Boris Johnson didn’t cry and whinge he’s back running the country!

Brian Love says:

I am so glad your alive

Blondefringe 16 says:

Heartbreaking listening to this poor man, he’s obviously suffering with PTSD, my thoughts and best wishes to him, he needs to give himself time to process this traumatic event

Kane's Cauldron says:

That man was clearly two midgets in a costume!

Kiran faisal says:

Allah protect every one from corona virus

Md. Saidur Rahaman says:

May Allah Protect Us. And, Be Allah with us.

hüsamettin topbaş says:

karonavirusi upkaga tushgandan keyin uzidan maxsus suyuqlik ajratib chiqaradi sung upka tuqimalarni zararlaydi va havo yulini zararlaydi.

Sara javed says:

What is the size of the pipe? If anyone knows. I have TMJ incase if I do catch the virus and end up on ventilator

Carl Wakeling says:

Boris Johnson government is to blame for the deaths ⚘of our British people due to no testing at our airport and borders from people arriving from infected countries.

Red pilling says:

How comes there’s a video from 3 weeks ago on sky news based in Italy on how overrun the hospitals are but I also saw the same video used for showing how overrun the New York hospitals are?
And I now can’t leave comments on either page but I can on this one even tho I saw comments were on the sky page definitely when I saw that video a few weeks ago
Strange to me…

guydecervens says:

He was injured in a car accident (see how they cut that out of the report) but they didn't waste time getting him on an incubator to fluff up the 'Covid' numbers. What a bunch of liars they are. He didn't even need intubation. He was fine. What a bunch of crooks the hospitals have become. Anything to get that money.

Ben Young says:

He needs some acting lessons

chestikov2011 says:

Ok, cut thats a wrap

Susan Wheatley says:

Y did he take selfie vid?
Who took photos in icu and y?
Did not think that was allowed.
Seems a bit wierd.
Hope he srays well tho.

Ambia Ahmed says:

Allah save everybody life insah Allah

Muserat Nazir says:

May Allah save us all from corona virus Ameen sum Ameen

Mod 66 says:

This makes me angry .Would this be on if Boris had of been somewhere else? Never heard of the place until he was in there!!!

Angela Anderson's says:

I just wanna hug him xxxx

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