5 reasons why you SHOULD be a MARINE BIOLOGIST

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Are you curious about some of the perks of being a marine biologist?
Here I talk about 5 aspects of the career of a marine biologist that I really enjoy. I hope you all enjoy this video

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Brent Bullock says:

pretty stupid question coming up but i play football and im going to a hbcu shpuld i majof in biology since they dont have anything else.

Alison Rose says:

I wanted to become a marine biologist since I was a kid, and honestly right now I am almost done with an associate's degree in a completely different field. I was hoping to finally make the switch to help my favorite animals fight against their extinction. I love sharks so much, and I can't wait to get into this exciting field to learn more about them and the other mysteries of our oceans.

Ryan says:

I've heard the pay sucks. Is that true?

Jilliane AranetaDagaleaBalatbatAskalani says:

I am very addicted to Dolphins! I love Dolphins! Very much.☺

Els Wiskerke says:

I'm starting my study in marine biology two weeks and I am very excited. Watching your videos to be even better prepared

Brittnee Stivey says:

I've been fascinated by the ocean as long as I can remember and wanted to be a marine biologist growing up, but as school ended I decided to explore a different path, and I've only just started thinking about marine biology again recently, and it's like a light bulb went off in my head! Why I didn't just go into marine biology straight after school I'll never know, but it seems I needed a little life experience to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and I've never been more sure of anything! I only just discovered your channel but everything you've said in your videos that I've watched so far resonates with me in a way that just reaffirms my passion for the ocean! Thank you for sharing your insight into this wonderful field!

Tamanna Ahmad says:

I've been fascinated with the ocean ever since I first beheld it, back when I was nine or ten, maybe. In 6th grade (I was 11 at the time), my school held a career counselling session, and when I saw that an oceanographer was also coming, I ticked that option, top choice. That was the first time I was exposed to the idea of working so closely with the ocean. Over time, I learnt more and grew more fascinated with the ocean and its creatures. Now I am going into my late teens, and considering the fact that I'll take my first step into specialising in marine biology in a few years, I've been doing more research about it – which is how I found your channel =). The main reasons that I want to study marine biology are:
1. The ocean. I love it.
2. I am totally fascinated by the fact that there are so many creatures living under the sea, that we still know so little about. Some people find it scary that so little of the ocean has been explored, but it fascinates me.
3. I love travelling. My dad works in IT and has travelled a lot. Since I was a little kid, I'd see all of the pictures he took and would wish to go there.
4. I don't find the idea of working in an office full-time appealing at all – I want to work in the field as well. As you said, there is no "typical day" for a marine biologist, and after years of the same exact schedule because of school, I love that idea.

denesha McCoy says:

Love this so much

Cymone Archer says:

Hi! I am a new subscriber and I am definitely interested in your content on this channel. As you might have guessed, I am interested in becoming a marine biologist, but I am not sure exactly what area I am most interested in. At the moment, I am in my mid twenties trying to attain my bachelor's degree in marine biology.

I am like this field because I live on an island in the Caribbean, and in my opinion, there are very few marine biologists in the Caribbean and in my country specifically there is not much knowledge. Even though I live on an island, I find that lots of people are afraid of the sea. (The fear of the unknown.) I also feel like people do know understand and appreciate the ecological services that the sea provides and I want to edify others and do research to help this knowledge be sound.

Overall, I need more Caribbean scientists are needed and I think that there is a massive knowledge gap when it comes to these type of fields in third world countries (In my humble, inexperienced opinion of course).

I hope you didn't mind reading this essay lol, but I look award to your knew content on this channel.

reaper 117 says:

So I'm only 12 but I'm still a aspiring marine biologists. A question I have is thare a way to spend a little more time in the water. I'm conpleatly fine staying in a lab or in front of a screen but I'm able to learn more hands on or just close up. Sorry if I went on a rant but just wanted to know. Thanks!

Nkosana Mathe says:

This video is so motivational, I'm a student studying environmental sciences on a career path to marine biology, this video just showed me the goals of my work

Tj hakdog says:

i’ve watched a video about marine biologist it says it had math and i hate math but i want to become a marine biologist

Neehalini says:

Maria! your work is amazing! Huge supporter behind all you do. I can gladly say that all these reasons to become a marine biologist was everything i had in mind! I am especially interested in lab work. One day i hope to work with great people with great minds like yours! its super inspiring for a high school student who has less than one year left of schooling. watching your videos seriously helps me pin point careers.


When I get older I want to be a marine biologist. I would like to focus on sea turtles. My favorite kind are Green sea turtles. I was wondering what is your favorite kind?

Rahul Vangari says:

Explain some topics you study… Please..

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