PC Science: The Design Process

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What is the Design Process? What are the six steps of the Design Process? How do you use the Design Process in technology to create something new or complete a project? How do we use the Design Process in school?


18-ME-07 Abubakar says:

is she a comedian?

astrolabe1976 says:

This was great! But the prototype phase is missing I think a long with the iteration phase

Nurjahan Begum says:

I can tell that the girl who talks the whole time is British and one of the assistants were Chinese

Nurjahan Begum says:

YouTube helps a lot of adults and students

Stella McAllister says:

good job you helped me a lot

Seth Squires says:


Tom Papesch says:

Tom was here

Rudolf Joubert says:

Awesome parkland college

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