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Led by Tyler Herro’s career-high 37 PTS, the Miami Heat defeated the Boston Celtics, 112-109, in Game 4. Additionally for the Heat, Jimmy Butler recorded 24 PTS, 9 REB and 3 AST in the victory, while Jayson Tatum tallied 28 PTS (all 28 in the 2nd half), 9 REB and 4 AST for the Celtics. The Heat lead this best-of-seven series, 3-1.

Game 5: Friday, September 25 at 8:30pm/et on ESPN.

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simonh54 says:

Where are Celtics fans?

Rob R says:

Wish langford was given playing time as well

Brian Keegan says:

Don’t get me wrong I love Bam but I think we’re ready to say Herro is the Heats second best player

Damon Holsey says:

herro so cold.. but hell dont forget dragic to ! both of em got ice in the damn veins !

Jerson Abranilla says:

am i the only one see hayward defense was too lame?

N8 the Gr8's Great Adventures says:

I am now even more happy I pulled some of Tyler Herro rookie cards back when finding basketball cards at target was possible lol

justisligue says:

I'd have a great feeling that the Boston Celtics will win the next game… You can tell that their gonna play thier hardest before they'd lose the last game

Jacky Jackson says:

I have always hated Boston since the 70s and continue to do till today

justisligue says:

Kembe walker didn't took many shots… Seems to me that he'd wasn't really in the game

justisligue says:

Gordan Hayward was supposed to attempts more shots and always trying to pass facilitate the damnnnnn ball to many times

Brian Keegan says:

Hayward still got it!

William Malapitan says:

The commentary is awful. Stick to the game don’t join the BLM bullsht.

justisligue says:

Boston gave up on defense… That's why they'd lost… They'd never made a sacrifice to make a stop ✋.. They were allowing the (Miami heat make easy plays from the beginning of the game

Adithya Ramesh says:

Tyler her(r)o and Duncan rob are the new splash bros

Natty Jay says:

Sad how the NBA highlights are always missing plays, this is why I support the other low key pages you guys are rich already you don’t care if it’s missing plays

I Love The Way U lie says:

2:04 dragic bump by Gordon Haywood.

Jeremy Lock says:

Anyone else thinkin Herro looks a lot like Curry with the deep threes and the timely cuts? We got a star on our hands

A M says:

All I've been saying for the past 7 years is GET RID OF DANNY AINGE, and take Theis with you.
The Heat is just a better all around team.
The Heat is going to be interesting to watch in the NBA FINALS. Knock out the crybaby and the baby in Sewer city.

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