Al Gore On Trump Pandemic Response | All In | MSNBC

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Former Vice President Al Gore: “We’ve got to get through this in spite of Donald Trump. But it has been an irresponsible, incompetent, and in many ways disgraceful performance.” Aired on 04/27/2020.
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Al Gore On Trump Pandemic Response | All In | MSNBC


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Wasnt this guy the one who warned us about global warming ? Oh but that aint a problem anymore huh ? Now its climate change . When are democrats gonna realize that god is our protector until he decides its over all we can do is live life .

GODEED says:

Vote Joe Biden November 2020 Vote Amy McGrath Kentucky 2020

Robin Duley says:

Shut up you hack!!

Ronald Sand says:

The Dems wouId have been better off nominating Gore. He may not win, but he has a better chance than Biden. At least Gore can string enough sentences together to make a paragraph.

Nicky R says:

A machine that makes cold ice and snow should make glaciers bigger and turn global warming to global cooling.

Ivan Ivan says:

Man Bear Pig

Norman Ponce says:

I better listen to this guy. The world is going to end next week. Boca caca.

dum monkey says:

Gore memes guts dismemberment impaling blood who would name their kid this

Lesther P. says:

Y ya encontró al hombre-oso-cerdo?

physninja says:

He sounds super cereal here

Fact Checker says:

The old COMMIE is still alive??????
What a worthless waste of human life!!!

LordVaderX dotPy says:

Miss Clinton golden age

Amanda says:

I can’t believe how stupid ignorant and petty Americans are not electing Vice President Gore president 20 years ago overwhelming the republicans from stealing the office.

Gerry Deboer says:

Hey Al, just watched Micheal Moore's new movie your so full of excrement. Your not a green prophet but just making profit on green. You hypocrite.

absolute truth says:

Al Gore really are you running out of nut jobs you had to bring this guy?

Larry Davisson says:

Vice President Gore has trump pegged spot on with what he said about him!!!! Wow, he has not been in seclusion. I would vote for Gore in a heartbeat if he would run for the presidency!!!!!!! I love this guy! With his stance on Climate Change he would make this country what it ought to be and our Summers would be not so hot again! Hopefully he would also be in favor of bringing forth Democratic Socialism which would be perfect for giving fairness to everyone!!!! Got to get someone, anyone but trump in our White House this November!!!!!!!!!!

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