Futures Trading Explained | Futures Trading For Beginners | Simple Explanation in Hindi

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Learn how to do futures trading, how futures trading works, how we make profit and loss in futures trading, advantages and risks in futures trading. Watch this video to learn all about futures trading.

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► What are Derivatives? Derivatives kya hote hai? Simple Explanation in Hindi

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Things we learned in this video –

– What is futures trading?
– How to do futures trading?
– Advantages and Risks in Futures Trading?
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True Investing says:

✔️Open a ZERO Brokerage Demat account with Zerodha: https://bit.ly/2H7qwnD

Sushil Kumbhirkar says:

Best video on futures

anuj chugh says:

Great video man.. It was really nice tosee how you explained the practical aspects of it rather than going into age old history… Really like it.. I will explore your channel for more videos but wondering if you have also explained options and how future and options are to be combined and used for trading. If not, I would really appreciate if you could create one.. Thanks.. And great job once again.

Yuvraj Sen says:

Well described

Hasan Hasnuddin says:

sir ur video is excellent i hav one question if i buy hdfc future for 110000 then at the end of the expiry i have to pay balance amount like 390000. 500 shares x 1000(price)

Naveen Kapoor says:

Thanks Just Subscribed

krushna says:

1 day ka 2500 book nahi kr sakte Kya

krushna says:

Expire hone.se pehle profit AATA hai to bech nhi Skte kya

SUDHISH Gokhale says:

You are the best lecturer. The explanation given by you is fantastic. Thanks.

Satish Solanki says:

Can I sell future before expiry date?

Mannu Da says:

Can we first sell and then buy fut ? And on the day of expiry what time money deposit 9.15 or later

azharuddin ahmed says:

Very nice vdeo.. Thnx..

Englishlearnernew says:


Biswadeep Poudyal says:

total 10 times ad in one video

sahin saiyad says:

Kya future buy ya short sell Kiya hai to expire date se pehle position exit kar sakte hai ?

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