Options Trading Explained – COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE (Part 1)

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In this Options Trading for Beginners video, you’ll learn the basic definition of call options and put options, and how investors and traders use them in various ways. You’ll also learn about strike prices and expiration dates.

This is Part 1 of our upcoming in-depth guide on options trading.


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Sky View Trading says:

Hey everyone! For those of you asking for more content, we put together a free "mini" options trading course which goes into quite a bit more detail on why we trade options over stocks. You'll also learn more about our trading edge and see us open a live options trade. If you're interested, check it out here – https://bit.ly/2CwHcFE

Movahed Sediqi says:

Thanks a lot, was super helpful

Lori says:

Thank you for your videos!

KGORE says:

Do you have to buy all 100 shares?

Ramon Bachert-Noble says:

This is awesome, I love the visual presentation with examples and not just a bunch of words and explanations. I'm a visual learner so this is perfect. I hate that I spent a good amount of money for courses from advertisements on social media, where things were explained thoroughly but not in a way that I could understand. I'm stoked now because I grasped in 13 minutes what I couldn't seem to grasp about options in the past 4 months or so. Keep em' coming!!!

John Ragusa says:

now do you have to have the $ in your account to purchase the 100 stocks to execute the option

Rushikesh Pande says:

Thank you, you are really great!

akshayakdc says:

I believe there is a serious gap in the market about making these kind of concepts content very clear!!. And this channel has the potential to fill this gap…..honestly this channel deserves more than just a million subscribers…..HIT THAT subscribe OPTION to raise your stakes and make a knowledge full of profits

Craig's Videos says:

so in order to go this route "Options" you have to put down a certain of $ like the $500? & if so how much do you have to put dwn?

Prabhakar Pp says:

Nicely explained thanks

St. Francis says:

What program do you use to make your cartoons?

DaNicky Teague says:

Very helpful and clear

Matthew Nowak says:

i thought trading options was more risky than trading stocks

Edward Drives says:

i just earned 30% on cash that was sitting idle in my options account for a month. if i do this for the remaining four months, i will have over 100%+ and

even if i get put, i can turn around and sell covered calls for similar premium.

Hotarou Oreki says:

I watched around 7 videos about this. This is the real beginner guide where he explains all the terminology and made all words simple for people who have less vocabulary on trading. 10/10 I recommend to watch for 0 experience peeps there.

Anthony Young says:

How much do you have to start with?

Michael Brewer says:

Best video so far for beginners.

john doe says:

This is by far one of best videos I’ve seen that simplified what certain things meant. Thanks!

Jonas The Ultimate says:

Question: isnt the Put Option basically the same as a Stop Order to ensure that you dont loose everything?

Tam Mai says:

Thanx finally I kinda get there a little bit about options trade

LyricMarva says:

I get it . GREAT explanation!

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