Chinese Navy Fires 3 Thousand Missiles to SCS, US Navy Threatens Destroy Beijing Military Bases

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The Chinese navy is training in firing missiles at moving targets in the sea and air in the area around the South China Sea.

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jozsef orgovan says:

The world knows already what china is up to. They are very transparent. Stealing technologies , spying on countries.

Spark roy says:

Destroy China

armedwithsmile says:

China is new and the only SUPERPOWER ….

Manoj Subramanian says:

Retort, retaliate with full force, & might, root them out completely. Rout them totally.

Padmanava MUKHOPADHYAY says:

they wasted their half ammo

Bryan Hayward says:

The UN stated years ago that China’s claim on SS islands was illegal.

rob13589 says:

The American Navy is such a beautiful thing. Very impressive. China better hope their new toys work because ours do

Wiesław Pilch says:

Myślę, że dobrze by się stało, aby Chińska Armia zagroziła zniszczeniem Waszyngtonu. Śmierć USA!

Jenz yorep says:

Scaring tactics of CCP China they only bully small country if War will come CCp China against all country… CCP China should be scared he got no friends.

pan handle says:

China has only paper military if china make any wrong attempt then it will be the end of CCP and they know this but only trying to show strength, but the entire world knows that you have no military


South China Sea the baddest sea for the year

Justin Archer says:

Wait til the Indian Navy joins the coalition in the SCS… The Indian Navy alone outnumbers the Chinese Navy and being a home team have every advantage to use every ship it has to its fullest.

d'joy S says:

Light up China.

Ernesto Villamor says:

It seems like the natures wrath is not enough, China's mistake will mean the lost of everything that he invest.

Mac says:

Aussies not commiting to drills.

Ivellios says:

If we do go to war against China, it needs to be broken into 5 parts.

Ruffy Jude D Lugue says:

what are u waiting for, give them a lesson now'! slay tem all:''!

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