Coronavirus: Thousands hit beaches in Greece as Europe's COVID-19 lockdown lifted

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BARS and beaches were packed across Europe yesterday as the Continent looks to get back to normal after lockdown.

Italy and Spain are further easing coronavirus restrictions today after both countries recorded their lowest daily death tolls for two months.

But the lifting of restrictions comes as the director general of the WHO warned countries against opening up again too quickly.

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good work Thinkers says:

Socrates International

go ahead says:

Dont believe the number of the cases is given by the Greek ministry of health. They couldn't know exactly how many exist because they dont have the proper equipment to do… Even a short look in Wikipedia Corona map about how other countries count the cases day by day and how Greece does is enough to see some big difference in the diagram…. So you should think it better to go to Greece… Things may not so good as many people want to show

Vic Rattlehead says:

Good. Human as it should be, not being lockdown.

NZ Shares says:

The snake is a good emblem of WHO i actually think they are the Anti Christ working for the devil pretending to want to help us but really trying to kill us all off. would make a good film starring Tredious he looks like a villain too along with China could it get any better.
What the hell is the snake doing on a Health organisation Emblem anyway?

NZ Shares says:

What the Hell is this DH still doing in Charge of WHO ?
Who the Hell listens to him he is a Fool of the Highest Degree OMG! the world is incompetent WHO still have videos on Youtube telling people not to wear face masks unless your sick, Who the hell knows they have the virus until 4-5 days, in that time they have flown all over the world spreading it around omg i can not believe it, because of them Thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people are dead.
They announced it was a Pandemic March the 12th OMG i can't write any more i am too disgusted.

ikm64 says:

I blame all the positive airheads in the press…
This might as well be a bioweapon…it behaves exactly as one would.
But people out to make a bob or two…or the good time Charles and going to be the death of all of us.
One, exactly one countermeasure exists " isolation / social distancing "
That's it! dreamers can talk of vaccines and hydroxychloroquine and the like…and who can blame them…ya need some kind of hope.
But they are tomorrow's story….today if you don't keep your distance…you'll die or you will kill someone else….and that someone else could be your own mother or grandmother!
Get a grip, take responsibility for your actions…before you live to regret it!
Something in life you don't get to walk back….no matter how much you'd like to.

tony ryan says:

The freakshow continues

G Power says:

Ethiopia owes 12 billion to China which is why Tedros of the WHO lies for the Chinese Communist Party,

Rian x says:

I wonder why the virus got bad

oh wait now i know

people can't wait 2 months without going to a beach

they would rather kill a million to get that sweet tan then sit inside

its not like they were asked to do something hard the exact opposite actually

they were asked to do nothing

no acts of social distancing were preformed on the video of the beach

man how did humans get this advanced?

and i know people will get mad in the comments but just stop being selfish and be intelligent.

Dan B says:

Lot's of vitamin D, lot's of positive emotions, all great for immune system

frantisek petrasek says:

Bill Gates is paying WHO and pushing vaccination, that is conflict of interest! He has to be charged with crimes against humanity!

G B says:

enjoy the second wave lads

frantisek petrasek says:

Sun is killing the virus that's why flu season is in winter

Cloud VII says:

Greek goverment are opening borders and coronavirus will infect greeks and tourists that fast. Fail.

Xe M says:

This happens when you have a competent government, in contrast with the UK.

matthew grant says:

Awww, poor EU is worried about their economy, diddums

Man of Culture Allanzo says:

Human's selfish nature at best

Cafe Horisons says:

Vitamin D and iodine. Actually the best way to protect your immune system

Nwrye201 boi says:

UK government need to be slaped

waqar shah says:

Corona virus is a fake …no existence in the world..look how peoples are excited after corona drama…

lumpfish99 says:

second wave in 3…..2…..1…..

four tails says:

W.H.O lost it’s for the easing of the lockdown,it’s just inviting a 2nd wave of the virus..but I guess that’s all a part of the plan for this plandemic.

Bronco Alba says:

Its absolute incredible that the exact people telling us to wear masks NEVER have one on?
The Politicians & Popes have obviously got immunity already. Well played to them

Rayeed Hasan says:

Why isn't pope wearing a mask ?

anonymouse bear says:

the media are just following orders laid out to them by their owners who are …?. acceptance through repetition, if you're told something and shown something enough you're more likely to accept it.

BlaHosT Gaming says:

The Pope himself doesn’t need to wear a mask?

Allan Hutton says:

we are NOT in a PANDEMIC

anonymouse bear says:

oh look, people acting normal and going about their own business. the shock, the horror!!!. oh no!!!!. please bill gates inject em!!!!. pathetic, but it's the sun newspaper so didn't expect anything less.

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