Real Truth About Forex Trading Most Gurus Don't Want You To Know

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In this episode, you’ll discover the real truth about Forex trading most gurus don’t want you to know.

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dean february says:

Motivation for week ahead

M B R says:

On 05 June i was buy 10000 tip of euro nzd and euro go to down i lost more Much Money because nzd go up
I don't know about market on Monday 8 June

Zdeněk Skrášek says:

Oh goš" I rly love this guys.. and admire very very much.. your parents I hope are very pride of what you doing and how you live your life and what you shine from whithin! God bless you <3 (heavy heavy value! in all your videos)

SAVIOUR 2020 says:

If it’s there it’s there if it’s not move on


Nice piece, as always. ✌️

Andrés Valencia says:

3:38 wise words, there’s nothing passive about it

Manikandan G says:

Moving average intraday trading . Which is best result SMA,EMA,WMA.please advice

Stephen Tarasiewicz says:

Hey rayner can you do a video strictly on how to trade bitcoin during the day or even swing trading techniques ? what works best with bitcoin vs forex ?

M DL says:

I just don't get it. When I look at this guys intros and website everything of it screams scammer to me, from the way the title say what x doesn't want you to know to the facebook posts praising him on his website to even all the comments praising him and subtly implying he's one of the few if not the only not scammer out there. Yet when I try to apply the things I learn here to trading I make profits? (I believe it should be noted that until now I only used demo accounts and never had any trading experience whatsoever so everything I do is completely based on what I learned from Rayner.)

Jesse Atwood says:

The "Real Truth" the gurus don't want you to know is that they make more money selling courses teaching people to trade than they do actually trading.

M. zad says:

Very honest and good advices..thank you

Naresh Bhushan says:

hi..I have been binge watching your videos from last few are too good a teacher!
my doubt might sound lame..but could you tell me the best Android n windows app or site which you use for technical analysis in your video?..I m keen on testing all what you have taught so m looking for an app which will help me draw MA,trend lines, fibonacci retracement etc..
Do you suggest or tradingview or any other site??
would be of great help..thanks !!
God bless you

Max Ng says:

Never failed to make me laugh everytime rayner said..
Rayner: *Sarcastically* Slurrpp, Pina Colada

Lil Pump says:

hello Rayner, can you recommend us a reliable broker in forex…thanks a lot

Joseph Jobes says:

Another great vid rayner, just commenting for the algorithm.

Cudat Yūsha says:

hi everyone, this question come across my mind, is when you buy the candle is going down and when you sell the price going up, pls help me

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