In this clip Gali asks Elon Musk about Bitcoin and what he thinks of the cryptocurrency. Big thank you to Third Row Tesla Podcast for allowing us to use the clip. You can subscribe to [More]
Taken from the full podcast ‘Crypto Mining & Blockchain with Josh Riddett’ – Mike asks UK crypto authority, Josh Riddett (Easy Crypto Hunter) to explain some of the basics of crypto currencies and Blockchain [More]
здесь? — Совсем недавно прошло одно из главных событий в мире про-рестлинга – Wrestlemania! В связи с этим, мы представляем вашему вниманию обзор 35 Рестлмании. Добавляйся в ВК — Наш паблик в ВК [More]
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BARS and beaches were packed across Europe yesterday as the Continent looks to get back to normal after lockdown. Italy and Spain are further easing coronavirus restrictions today after both countries recorded their lowest daily [More]
코로나19, 유럽 전역 휩쓸어…미국, 확진자 증가에 ‘셧다운’ 선포 The coronavirus outbreak in Europe has passed a grim milestone… with the number of deaths there now twice the official number in China. In the U.S., New [More]
Two senior nurses on the frontline in Italy’s battle to save lives have described what it is like to work in the main hospital of Bergamo, in a region hit hardest by the outbreak of [More]
Overwhelmed by coronavirus cases, one hospital is putting some new arrivals in tents. Please subscribe HERE
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