War Robots – Jumping Robots Evolution Dream Hangar Episode 41 WR Max Gameplay

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War Robots – JUMPING EVOLUTION Dream Hangar by “HeyHeyHey Hello” and a HEALING AND SUPPRESSION Dream Hangar by “Sebastian badilla” WR Max Gameplay

Share this WR video with your friends: https://youtu.be/XspDjPPWckw
Max Spider Dream Hangar Scores High Damage: https://youtu.be/rTxoGzS_zkc
Behemoth Avenger With NEW Damage Module: https://youtu.be/dxQ0-GZ3hNU

Music provided by Monstercat
Broken Bones by PIXL feat. Cassandra Kay

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Adrian Chong says:

Thank you “HeyHeyHey Hello” and “Sebastian badilla” for your Dream Hangars!
Make sure to check out my other Dream Hangar videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEphS-5-fynU3qiMyqG0ASArWpuqMEBz0

Emily Francesca says:

My dream hangar: invisible bois
Spectre vortex
Inqusitor glory corona
Ravana storm
Loki gust
Au jun ember
Ao ming plasma
Plss do thissss

Aman Mundari says:

Hello, can you do a Healing Dream Hanger.

Jimmy Ernst says:

Adrian please do a video of this hanger next.
My dream hanger
Stealth Jumping/Flying with scary landing
Mercury with 1 Chimera and 2 Spirals
Mercury passive Modules: Thermonuclear Reactors
Mercury Active Module: Death Mark
Ao Jun with 2 dragoons
Ao Jun Passive Modules: Last Stands
Ao Jun active module: Quantum Radar
Specter with 4 Scourges
Specter Passive modules: Heavy Armor Kits
Specter active module: Advanced Healing Unit
Inquistor with 1 Avenger and 2 Coronas
Inquisitor passive modules: Battle Borns
Inquisitor active module: Phase Shift
Ao Quin with 4 aphids
Ao Quin passive modules: Last Stands
Ao Ming with 2 Tsars and 2 Cyclones
(edit) Ao quins active module is Phase Shift

Black _kid says:

Do a troll hangar – 5 Loki’s with no weapons (all speed skills and phase shift) and Arthur for titan (no weapons)

John Smith says:

My breamhanger is
Behemoth 4x thermite
Ravana 3x cryo
Leech 4x shocktrain
Invader 2x gust 1x strom
Ao Juin 2x member
Titan Ao Ming 2x tsar 2x rempsure

Savage Sal says:

Dream hanger: Birds of Prey
Ravan; Storm and gust
Falcon; Glacier, 2 Exodus
Griffin; pulsar and shredder
T:Falcon; Glacier
Ravan; Cryo and Rime
And have the hanger in this order to have the Griffin in front center, Titan the Ao Ming(not a bird but it fly like one)

Dickson Kwan says:

Hi Adrian, my dream hanger request, mini fast killer : Loki with 3 halo. Strider with 2 Rime and glacier. Phantom with 2 Blaze and igniter. Blitz with 4 magnum. Pursuer with 3 gust. Kid with machine guns. Thanks a lot. Stay safe and heathy. Dickson (from HK)

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