The disturbing YouTube videos that are tricking children – BBC Trending

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Trending found a number of YouTube channels have fake versions of popular cartoons, often with scenes unsuitable for young children.

For more details and tips on how to stay safe online, visit the BBC Trending blog at at

Video journalist: Alex Dackevych

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Sir Yeetus XIV says:

I feel this is partially YouTube's problem, and then should make some steps in purging this stuff from YouTube Kids, and also try to curb kids coming on to normal YouTube.

However, parents should also be aware of what their kids are watching, and supervise them and maybe watch with them to make sure things like Autoplay don't take their kids to some very strange videos indeed. YouTube is not a babysitter.

rand davison says:

youtube is too busy demonetizing china uncensored to worry about your kids.

The Unknown Man says:

Easy way to fix this: TV!!! NOT COMPUTER!!!

Russian Birb says:

This is the only thing I like about COPPA, the Elsagate channels, Morgz, Jaystation, and all those other kid channels will be gone… But the system for identifying which video is for kids or not is broken and so damn annoying,

Radioactive Dynamite says:

They should just make a law where kids under the age of 13 should not have a high end phone, they should only have a very basic phone for emergencies. There is probably a better system that can be in place rather than parents having to control everything a child does.

Erick Paolo says:

We called it Elsagate

Ba Nguyen says:

Looks like these are here again

endertron 687 says:

Oh this is why coppa forgot about the app

Yoshi Exploshi says:

I worry for humanity

Zeno Omni King says:

Is this the reason for coppa?

DANTE ribeiro Splatter says:

i was baby any time i watch peppa pig fake cartoon

Try Hard Games says:

In YouTube’s terms of service it says it’s not recommended for people under the age of 13 to use the site, and you can’t make an account until you are 13. why not have it so you don’t use YouTube for this sort of thing, and instead use stuff like the nick jr app or something so the kids can watch peppa pig there from the official source and have a 0% chance of finding these deviant videos. (Even though I personally don’t think peppa pig as a show is a good influence on little kids due to no real consequences to anyone’s actions when they do something like pour water from a watering can on another character’s head as an example. Combined with the fact that everything in the show is basically said twice because of the narrator even though anyone who at least knows English will know what’s going on by saying the important details once, so there is no need to do it again.) If you really care about your kids and what they see, you should probably monitor what they see. Last but not least, if the show has a YouTube channel with episodes on it. Make sure the channel has a verification check mark next to the channel name so you know it’s the real one. One last thing though. DON’T USE YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO BABYSIT YOUR KIDS. ITS A RECIPE FOR DISASTER AND ALL OF THESE NEWS ARTICLES COMPLAINING ABOUT THESE THINGS DONT CONSIDER THE FACT THAT PARENTS HAVE A JOB. AND ITS TO TAKE CARR OF THEIR KID. IF YOUR KID SEES SOMETHING IT SHOULDNT HAVE SEEN MAYBE, JUST CONSIDER THE FACT THAT THE INTERNET IS A HUGE PLACE WHERE NEARLY ANYTHING CAN BE DONE ON IT, WHETHER ITS A GOOD THING OR A BAD THING. SO STOP BLAMING THE WEBSITE WHEN THE PARENTS SHOULD TAKE BETTER CARE OF THEIR KIDS. I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I FOUND P0rN0GRAphic WEBSITE THAT HAD A Pr0STItutI0n HOTLINE BY COMPLETE ACCIDENT. I told my mom about the discovery and she found an app on her phone that monitored my search history and what I’d been doing at that current time. Now that I’m 15 I have a lot more freedom on the internet. Parents should determine the age their kids are ready for free will on the internet. A 3 y/o will not be able to tell the difference between a real peppa pig video. And a fake peppa pig video where the house burns down. So obviously you shouldn’t have your kids be babysat by an iPad, because Their, and by association, your lifes a lot more difficult.

Nícolas Allbarelo de Gois says:

After all, coppa inst so bad!

Christine M. says:

That’s why YouTube is clamping down.

k__sanagi says:

Damn I f*cking hate those videos

BlowingCreeperChannel says:

My 3 year old brother wants granny (from horror game ) toy and freddy fazbear (horror too) toy
All cuz youtube i reccomend youtube kids

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