20 Women's Battle Royal – WWE WrestleMania 35 Kickoff

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Hassanal Estino says:

Over the top rope elimination is so boring

Jayron Ong says:

carmella may beryritt

5k Subscribers without Video says:

Wrestlemania 34 mella Eliminated 1st

N Wrestlemania 35 she won the battle royal

Terrell Parker says:

I wanna see Dana sarah lana and mandy fight

Talita Oliveira says:

Go on Naomi

Kimee Phanthavong says:


XxSunny WolfXx says:

So Sarah should have won

XxSunny WolfXx says:

If you look at it Carmella crawled back up from the floor into the ring

Danny Espinosa says:


Aurora Didra says:

Nikki Cross is super crazy.

Chanderpaul Jagmohan says:

This was a very entertaining fun match to watch

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