The Best Spaceflight & Space Science Events of the Year!!! The 2019 Astro Awards!

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Welcome to the 2019 Astro Awards!!! A time where we reflect on all the exciting things that happened throughout the year in spaceflight and space discoveries.

Now of course, these are nothing official… for now… , just a time to look back on the awesome science, discoveries, engineering and achievements made in the past year. We took polls here on YouTube, Twitter and Reddit for your favorite missions and now we get to soak them all in!

We do put these in an order and I put the most weight on how you voted in the polls, BUT at the end of the day, I get final say on what goes where because I said so 😉

So without further ado, may I present to you, the 2019 Astro Awards!


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Mark Weaden says:

Thanks mate. Great job on the videos! (:

Jon Jonsson says:

I understand Boeing has very smart and talented engineers that tried their best, with double the budget of SpaceX, and each future launch costing much more than just using Soyuz. Wait, why do we need Starliner again??

Vishnu Sarath says:

Can get Tim's number please??

Elrhyes Seyhrle says:

you twitter poll was hard to choose, thanks for appreciating the black hole discovery, a discovery of mankind for all mankind.

O'neal says:

Hello EA
Please I'd like to know the name of the sound track you used for the… tribute to astronaut/cosmonaut who passed on in 2019


Sean Baskett says:

LEONOV DIED??!!!?!?!?

Jeramithehuman says:

Hey just found your channel and am loving it. I live in Satellite Beach and work at CCAFBS. Surprised I haven’t seen you at a launch before.

Thomas A. Kelly says:

China invited themselves to the potluck dinner and "forgot" to bring a dish to pass….again….don't be fooled.

Michael Beee says:

Awesome Tim. You are a poet!

MasterMazeProductions says:

I think the Astro awards should be a 5 year type of goal for everydayastronaut. I would just be concerned about rushing into something so huge logistically and financially. I LOVE the content you make and with a team behind you that will only get better and better 🙂

SpetsnatzLegion 336 says:

2022 Astro awards live from the moon, amirite

Chris Bowen says:

Clarification on Hayabusa2's Small Carry-On Impactor: The copper projectile packed with explosives was what's called an Explosively Formed Penetrator. The explosives were used to propel a solid copper slug to a high-velocity impact. (Fast enough to blast a new 10-meter crater in the asteroid!) It's not like Hayabusa2 dropped a bomb on the asteroid, which then exploded.

Velodreamer says:

Hi Tim! I admire your detailed discussion of each topic that you touch on in your videos! This is really cool!

I offer you a topic for a new analysis: make a video about the mass excellence (the ratio of the mass of the empty rocket to the mass of the filled (in Russian: мassovoe sovershenstvoмассовое совершенство)) of a rocket and a spaceship. There is little simple information on this subject; everything must be read in the special literature. And the parameter is very important. For example, if the ship’s mass was near-zero (of course, it’s impossible, but imagine (or simulate in the KSP)), then when there is very little fuel left in the tanks, the thrust to mass ratio will increase and the main supply of delta-V will be at the lowest supply fuel. That is, a decrease in the dry mass of a spacecraft directly increases its energy supply, although this is not obvious, because when the rocket is completely filled with fuel, the dry mass seems insignificant.

That is why Musk constantly talks about the mass excellence (the ratio of the mass of the empty rocket to the mass of the filled) of new ships (in general, I heard this phrase from him for the first time). To popularize space, I think this video will be very useful, especially if there is animation and demonstration (I just cheatfully reduced the mass of some details in the KSP to check what this leads to. The effect is not noticeable in the beginning, but it has a huge effect when the fuel on outcome). And I know, this is all described by Tsiolkovsky. But I didn’t read it until I wondered …

Somewhere I saw criticism of the Merlin engines, saying that it makes no difference how much the engines weigh, if compared to the mass of a full rocket, this is half a percent. And such articles are misleading. When the rocket is almost empty, the weight of all components is of great importance, including and the weight of the engines, especially if there are a lot of engines on board.
Thank you and hello from Ukraine!

Starseed-bb says:

Amazing video!! thanks for letting us space nerds live vicariously through you for another year lol

Thorsten Berg Photographer says:

Hi. I was watching the spacex animation where they propose to use Starship as a passenger transport between cities on earth. have you seen the same square cuts on the fuselage as they were windows for pax ???

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