The paradox of efficiency | Edward Tenner

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Is our obsession with efficiency actually making us less efficient? In this revelatory talk, writer and historian Edward Tenner discusses the promises and dangers of our drive to get things done as quickly as possible — and suggests seven ways we can use “inspired inefficiency” to be more productive.

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one eyed man says:

This is stupid and the examples are bad. Its like saying "you can walk 30 mins a day to work and youll be healthier. Thats more efficient!" Comparing 2 different aspects is stupid.

Teun Los says:

The guy doesnt really get it, if you make one part in a chain efficient, giving more to the next chain, somewhere next in the chain a new bottleneck appears, or the chain path changes, taking routes unforeseen. So if making one part of a chain more efficient, but it doesnt make the whole part efficient, it's not a paradox, you just made the wrong part efficient, or u missed a part 😉 [edit] unless I dont get that this is a paradox 😛

GkM Tv says:

Brilliant video

DUBA says:

Reggie watts meterial.

DeathAngel says:

bob ross was right about happy little accidents

Eric Smith says:

Praise Bob! Slack for everyone!

Fanny Fanny says:

ProTip: watch at x2 speed. Perfectly understandable and saves you 7 or so minutes – efficient AF, innit?

quangluu96 says:

In summary, every advancement is a double edged sword.

jhunt5578 says:

Whatched this on 2x speed. Didn't take much of it in, but damn it's efficient.

Stefán Örn says:

I often had avoided 100% efficiency by accepting the inefficiencies of experiments and failures, but now I know that what I have been doing could have made me more efficient in ways (and obviously less in others)

Peggy Harris says:

"Rational Extravagance"
I could get into that.

Anderson de Oliveira Alves says:

Boa tarde Sr. Parabéns ao Sr, que Deus o abençoe Sr.

_RedStormOne_ says:

What Do You Call A Cheap Circumcision?

A Rip Off..

Adenoid Hynkel says:

Türkçe alt yazı eklensin lütfen

John Karavitis says:

Too bad he couldn't have a more efficient way of reading off of 3×5 index cards to give his TEDTalk.

Orcalagos Chronomedyus says:

"Data and measurement are essential, but they are not enough. Let's leave room for human intuition and human skill."

svenster88 says:

It's good to get Gr8 service but who are u trying 2 please. U cannot sustain such a high-quality service to ensure that u r liked by everyone.

King Eric Tyler says:

A nightmare of surveillance is an accurate description of the direction that the world and technology is going. The masses are blindly giving up their privacy and liberties in exchange for convenience.

Tiktok Fans says:

It's very useful video for me

O'SSÉIN - Master Your Mind With Me says:

We forget that the last station is the same for everyone.
At the end, it is a joyful being that makes it worth living.

positive universe says:

Success is all about fine tuning our own original style following the process of identification and elimination of ineffective stuff and emphasizing the uniqueness in our originality.

André Gonçalves Carvalho says:

Effet rebond. Résumé en 2 mots allez next

Djeto ASMR says:

Moin Leude.

Tomás Iriarte says:

God's dead

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