Why 3D Logos Fell Out of Favor Overnight – Cheddar Explains

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In the early 2000s, 3D logos and skeuomorphic designs were all the rage. But overnight, the whole world changed to 2D design.

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cremator69 ass says:

3D Logos were WAYYY better.

ちEndangeredkitty says:

I like the old Instagram logo 🙁

Bima says:

2d Like my insignia

K Poonam Shenoy says:

Too dee


Watch this and goes for check all my apps

Spencer Gray says:

Why does this video exist

NUT Corporation says:

2d makes it look unfinished, boring and it gets worse while 3d is more like the opposite in a really good way.

Justin S says:

I'll show her 1 D 😉

Jose Antonio says:

I thought it was because pretentious Graphic Designers wanted to show their degree wasn't useless.

HideBoi says:

Where do I buy this itouch

Dmitry Achkasov says:

It was Microsoft that triggered the cascade of design changes in 2010 with their Metro UI which went viral with Windows Phone 7 presentation in 2010. Then in 2013 Apple presented iOS 7 Flat UI, and in 2014 Google has presented the Material Design UI.

Aby Mine says:

The 3d logo before the new logo was way better

DreamFantasy says:

So what the video is saying that 2D is better than 3D symbols? I agree with you.

Sabbir Ahmed says:

See! I told you . Earth is flat too


2D anime girls > 3D girls

JERRY tm says:

The old Instagram logo looks cool

Leu the says:

The old logos are better

Godd Howard says:

I hate them not because they are 2D I hate them because some bastard got payed for doing basically nothing other than drawing a line and a circle(Check out Patreon's logo)

Eric Mewhort says:

God, I hate it when people call(ed) the iPod Touch an "itouch"

Josh Paladi says:

I miss 3-D designs. They were my childhood.

Shanmukha Srinanda R says:

basically iOS 7 changed everything??

Sava Ghetti says:


Luka Jóse says:

I hate the new insta logo tbh

BlueWhaleKing says:

I much prefer the 3d logos. ios 7 ruined everything. And I still really hate the new Google logo. The old one had this great personality that was totally destroyed!

0riginee says:

a specific community is triggered at min 3:11

TechGuruGuy 139 says:

it's contradictive that animation switched from 2d to 3d, but logos went from 2d to 3d then back to 2d again

George xeno says:

Now i need a video about why all the sites switched to smooth cornered elements

Woźniakowski says:

i'd say it is not the case of "who got influenced by who" but more the case of the natural need for design to catch up with the world moving forward. It is also worth mentioning that the research in this video is quite poorly executed and the cleanest explanation of the "3Dgradientmishmash" era of 90s-mid 2000s is simply that being able to show and create those effects was revolutionary for the technology back then and became somewhat of a representation of technological capabilities of new devices – you wanted to see and create those hard-on-the-eyes creations simply because they were novelty and they reflected what was out of reach a few years before simultaneously not caring about the cleanliness and good taste. But once the world got used to the technological advancement those design choices started to wash out leaving just the lack of aesthetic value. So that's what the world of design became all about – we stopped caring about that unnecessary "richness" and we started valuing clarity and aesthetics. And thus flat design rose again. But I feel like it is not all because of technology – it represents the whole cultural and economic phenomena of our decade. That's the same sociological reasoning as in the countries where after economical boom people start to buy goods that were out of reach back when they could not afford them. They think of luxurious things as the necessities to live a good life – golden watches, enormous houses with statues and limo parked in front. But a second-generation that got raised in such an environment no longer has those needs, cause they were not out of reach. Therefore they start to appreciate necessities. That explains the shift happening in western countries where young people fell in love with minimalism in all sorts of forms, they don't feel that itch to save their salaries for Ferrari and they are fully satisfied with a van, they understand that even though a ribeye steak in a fancy restaurant is a staple of a high-life they 'd rather reach for a homemade salad with smoothie simply because it is healthier. I might be overexaggerating a bit but for me, today trends in design are a great reflection of a beautiful social and cultural enrichment we started to live in. Enrichment that ironically is all about not caring about richness.

Woah, got carried away a bit for a stupid comment again sry

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