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Nuclear Energy kya hai? Uranium kya hota hai? Aur kaise iss se bijlee paida hotee hain? Duniya mein log iss technology se itna kyon darte hain? Lekin phir bhee iss se electricity paida karte hain? kya is’kee vajah Japan ke do shehar, Hiroshima aur Nagasaki hai? Ya 2011 mein hua “Fukushima Nuclear Disaster hai”? In poore savaalon ke javaab ke liye hamaara yeh video “Nuclear Energy Explained in Hindi” ko poora dekh’ye aur yeh jaaniye ki yeh technology hamaare Zameen, Environment aur Future ke liye sahee hai ya nahin!

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Do you Know How is Nuclear Electricity/Energy Produced ?

Uranium is the naturally used fuel for producing Nuclear Power or Electricity. It isn’t rare and is found around the world. And is mostly mined from Australia, Canada and Kazakhstan. Once mined, the raw uranium ore is then ‘enriched’, which simply means it’s prepared for use as a fuel for Nuclear power stations. A kilogram of Uranium is capable of producing as much power as 2500 Tonne of coal.

A nuclear reactor produces and controls the release of energy from splitting the atoms of uranium. Uranium-fuelled nuclear power is a clean and efficient way of boiling water to make steam; which drives turbine generators.

Nuclear energy supplies about 10% of the world’s electricity. Today 31 countries use nuclear energy to generate electricity for their rising demand. To know more about How is Nuclear Power produced or Nuclear Bomb made using this Reactor technology, watch this video till the end.

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Nice Information

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It is not good because it causes pollution and also creates radioactive waves which harm people


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I am in support of nuclear energy because if we not use large amount of energy then it goes in waste

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Use but careful

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Yes it is helpful because , energy realeasd by the nuclei of atoms

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Yes it is good because it gives a large amount of energy than any other source but we should use it very carefully

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nice video. if uranium is used carefully. then it is very usefull.

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Yes ,when we exhausted oil , coal and natural gas

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Great video

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