Quit Smoking Using THIS Product! No Vape, No Nicotine, All Natural Remedy – Harmless Cigarette –

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Join me in a journey to rid ourselves of nasty cigarette smoking! Subscribe to the channel and we will quit smoking together.

The Harmless Cigarette is my most recent choice to find an aid or alternative to successfully stop smoking. In this video, we will unbox and briefly review the Harmless Cigarette.

ORDER YOUR OWN HARMLESS CIGARETTES: https://harmlesscigarette.com/?afmc=2q

If you need help quitting smoking, it is at your fingertips! A simple Google search, a visit to Reddit, and even YouTube can be great places to find communities focused on the subject. The intent behind this and future videos I post relating to quitting smoking is to build a support community for everybody interested in quitting. If you have successfully quit, used a specific method to help you quit, or are in the process of trying to quit, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW! Somebody will respond, and together we can build a community of supporters to help others and help each other.


Asmr Nugget says:

So is this till addictive or just doing it to do it?

Benmiloud Marcus says:

he sounds totally like Paul Walker #RIP

Zander Freeman says:

What the f*** does oxygen taste like

elias says:

I saw this video many times on the start site, now im gonna give it a try

Sammy says:

I got an idea move to a recreational state and smoke some weed and fuck the cig

Aidan Spence says:

Juul all the way

Kim Namjoon says:

Honestly what’s the point of no smoke comes out, to me that’s what’s most addicting

lyl je says:

I prefer weed dude 4 real

Young Skies says:

Stop dude if u gonna smoke go with the bluntttt

Gamers Riseup says:

I dont smoke cigs but my friends vape so this may be useful for them one day. Thanks for the upload.

thedogefogx420 thedogefox420 says:

Lol I guess?

Super Duper Reinhold says:

I stopped smoking cigarettes with smoking weed lol.

la grosse tarte says:

I,ve try vape but without nicotine dood it is impossible to don’t smoke I was always going for a ciggarette at they end

Caymin Hayden says:

Man ur chill but you can't say you've quit successfuly if you start again

Rene Hentze says:

Kann You right site name a gen won more time

Gregg says:

I will stick to my vape. I smoked 52 yrs. and was coughing switch to vape 5 yrs ago and all my coughing is gone and it tastes better then cigarettes and is a lot cheaper.

Kaedyn Swan says:

Hey I vape and smoke cigs and i was wondering if they bacically help vaping too ecause i need to quit

nigward says:

why is this on my recommended list

Sunkist Jen says:

Bro I saw the thumbnail and thought that was jackseptiguy I was like "Jack would never!" Then I saw the channel name

Thomas Brink says:

This is scary, i had this product as an idea like a month ago, noe i see it, that scary bro

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