5 Tips On Becoming A Graphic Designer In 2020 (NO DEGREE NEEDED!)

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Happy New Year! It’s 2020 officially and I thought it was a good idea to start off the new year right with some good old fashion motivation! I have 5 Tips to help all of you become graphic designers in 2020!

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Charley Pangus says:

What was your favorite tip?

Marshaunna Stokes says:

@charley Pangus what do you think about Lynda courses to hone your graphic design skills?

TheBrandonLeeCook says:

Hey man! 1.) im glad you got out of that toxic relationship, Starting 2020 in a positive direction.
2) that hand tat is badass!
3) could you make a video on where to find professional graphic designers for your brand or youtube logo? thats what im currently looking for! I know you show a lotta designers how to design, but maybe a video on where to find designers or top places designers can post their work? I'm searching haha! good video man!

Kris.K says:

Thanks brother lets make 2020 a designer year

Matthew Slater says:

I’m going to take initiative and start off with a bang by purchasing a laptop upgrade as my 2012 mb pro isn’t doing so hot. Do you have any recommendations? As I am not to hardware spec savvy.

Hassan Usaid Ahmad says:

yo this was actually a nice video, honestly can be mostly applied to anything but it was pretty inspiring!

Jevaze says:

Great video ⚡️
I will apply these things to become better

o h k o says:

If you want to be a graphic designer, you must study to be, the 5 tips are a joke for those who studied and managed to graduate!!!

Meek Life Custom says:

Thank you for the info!!
I started graphic design three months ago I love it!! And the reason why I got into graphic design because I always love art. And also because I own a small business where I do custom T-shirt.

Jay P says:

Awesome tips brother!

Benhanja Amine says:

I want to start learn graphic designer can u help me to what I should to start ulistrateur or photoshop or what plz

kuzemaie says:

I wanna make stuff that people like. That’s about it sir, but I like illustration better than graphic design.

kuzemaie says:

Can you do a flip?

kuzemaie says:

Do a flip!!

Uncapd Visions says:

Hot start of the year

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