President Donald Trump’s Strange Habit Of Retweeting Obscure Accounts | All In | MSNBC

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President Trump’s rate of tweets are reaching new highs, and so are his attacks. NBC News reporter Ben Collins helps us understand his Twitter ecosystem. Aired on 12/30/19.
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President Donald Trump’s Strange Habit Of Retweeting Obscure Accounts | All In | MSNBC


Margrit Kaminsky says:

Wistleblower driven by armed security to work? Is that not more likely to reveal the whistleblower?

David Denison says:

You is right trump is a Nut

Kevin Cobley says:

Fox disseminates weird conspiracy theory sites.

April the Cat Esquire says:

Twitter is just as culpable for allowing him to post such lies when what he's says matters… Sure any dummy (like me) can post anything I want on Twitter but I'm not the leader of the (not-so) Free world…

Chad Alpha says:

P.o.t.u.s. takes too long to type I think as long as Trump is president I'll just use P.O.S.

Raphael Walker says:

If it is against the law to tell who the whistle blower is, then Trumps son should be locked up. Suppose that person is killed by some Trump lover because they said the person's name, then JR or whoever should go to jail. It is time for Trump's gang to start being put in jail for their crimes. They act like they are above the law and they are not.

Michelle Dumont says:

So, what's new?

Zombie NurseRN says:

As an RN for 30 years, I have read opinions on line and TV, and in papers, that people, including me, are wondering what is causing the infant in chief to act like some of his brain neurons are rapidly dying, and the remainder of the synapses are not firing at all. STD's, maybe, onset of dementia, or perhaps Parkinson's disease…he is having brain cell dysfunction, you can see this in how he acts and talks.

Carmen R says:

He finds these accounts because they are Russians. It all comes from the same place with Trump. I am not stupid, nor am I afraid to say it: Putin owns Trump, lock, stock and barrel.

Ruoyu Li says:

donald trump isn't the problem, mainstream media is. Yanggang2020

paul rangi says:

USA…what a joke! Your a laughing matter. Dump TRUMP

Gabriele 2015 says:

How naive are people, The Donald isn't the only person using his Twitter account. I'm sure he has a whole team sending out all that sh*t.

robin Magee says:

Report Trump's Twitter feed–not just his tweets. If Trump insults. Report two to three negative responses–including insulting ones to Trump. That's fair and presents an accurate account–especially given that Trump's voice is louder anymore weighty. 3 is a proper counterbalance.

sal been says:

You know MSNBC lies when they say they don't know who the whistleblower is. It's well known. MSNBC is covering for one of their own.

Wesley C. says:

Instead of getting more normal, it just gets weirder.

Richard B says:

Didn't they have airplanes back then.
And carrier pigeons..
In regards to the movie 1917.

Mat P says:

The President has time to tweet. Let us all think about that. He has the time. What is he doing?

Justin Smith says:

1. Classify defending yourself or telling inconvenient truths as "attacks."
2. "We have journalistic integrity so we won't tell you the name of the whistle blower." (Forget how we told you Trump was a Russian asset for years with no evidence.)
3. Censorship is good! You don't need to know that the "whistle blower" worked for Joe Biden in Ukraine and also worked under John Brennan who pushed the Russia hoax. The fact that he is a staunch partisan democrat is irrelevant! Can't you trust US intelligence agents like the whistle blower even though they forged documents in order to get FISA applications against the Trump campaign?
4. Orange man bad M,kay!

Joyce Duncan says:

There's been so many disgusting things about Trump, we tend to forget so many. but remember when because of his evil rhetoric some Nutjob sent bombs to CNN MSNBC and Congress people? Trump did not speak against it at all. if someone is actually killed because of him he will not be sorry at all. of course he will say it is not his fault; as he doesn't take responsibility for anything.

arvandero says:

Golf, Tweet, Repeat.

Jr Salinas says:

Hes speaking to who is woke through his Twitter …You sheeple are stupid. Wake up b4 it's to late (QMAP.PUB)

Alex Hamilton says:

What is even more strange is the media and the screwy left being obsessed with Trumps tweets LOL

James Powers says:

The NWO is finished and we’re not going to back down kitties.

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