Iran warns of 'consequences' after US strikes in Iraq and Syria

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Iran has warned the US of “consequences” after Washington carried out airstrikes against an Iran-backed militia group in Iraq. CNN’s Arwa Damon reports.

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Dil. Plays247 says:

America: we are defending our country in other country’s region. So we’ll kill everyone that arent israeli or American.
Facts: democracy

Curtis39 wayne says:

Iran gov't is not a good and peaceful I lived there for 3yrs it's bad and violent

Johnnybgood says:

These are simply Death throws of a dying Zio controlled US pseudo empire.

El husein Suleman says:

JSA get your cannibals out of Iraq.
You've been bombing that country since 2003.
what right do you have to stay there

CapAnson12345 says:

Well surely they're not admitting they're involved in trying to overthrow the US back Iraqi government, right?


So Iran admits to their terrorist meddling.

Peter Cook says:

Obviously! She was hit by one of them.

Al Mahdi Hasan says:

American people love their sons and daughters. It's time for America to leave Iraq but before you do that return the government that your country illegally replaced with an Iranian government in Baghdad. Return the government of Saddam Hussein.

free_WiFi he's innocent says:

Simply get out of Syria,Iraq and start building American infrastructure with that money your pouring to fire,,

shapour shapouri says:

IRAQ should kick out all yanks from their soil.

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