23 Days in July – 1983 Tour de France

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Phil Anderson’s bid to win the 1983 Tour de France


sofalugger says:

Brilliant vid. . .How things change in 36 years!!!

marc layne says:

Classic Retro cycling is the best…..i have ridden a bike since 1957, and am still going…62 years of cycling…..I have never worn a helmet….

crapitoutjim says:

Paul Sherwin at 39:11 RIP Paul a top man and a real gent!

robertorolfo says:

This was clearly "heavily inspired" by G'ole', the brilliant documentary about the 1982 world cup. Sadly, this falls a little short.

YPO6 says:

Funny that oil company (Shell) is sponsoring cycling.

Enigma71559 says:

I know they did it for years and years; but it now looks so weird to see them riding without helmets. I just don't know what took so long for them to figure out that real head protection for guys riding bicycles that fast was a GOOD idea.

j en says:

the French are petty little people.

j en says:

thank you for this ! I had never heard of Anderson. Reminds me of the story of an explorer.

Jason Johnston says:

Kelly was the king

Chris Schreck says:

If it weren't for the fact Lemond was a freak of nature, what happened in this documentary to Anderson could easily have been repeated in 1986. Contrast all this with the TdF 2004 documentary of Jens Voigt where his loyalty was 100% for the team and he didn't hesitate to chase down Jan Ulrich.

faustus t says:

Anderson was one of my heroes around this time, what a sportsman.

John S says:

12:00 The age old complaint of pro riders…"arghhh…I have to go out and ride my bike for 5 hours…poor me!" What about the guy that has to work on the factory floor or locked in a cubicle for 8-10 hours, day in, day out?! I've admired many pro riders over the years (including Phil Anderson) but I've never had much sympathy for their complaints of getting paid to do what many of us would do just for the love of it!

Androsch Pandrosch says:

great video

Sills71 says:

Simpson. Anderson, Kelly, Lemond, Roche…. all great champions! All led the charge into Europe when it seemed impossible someone not from the Continent could win the TdF.

simon evans says:

Cycling in mallorca

Stian Pollestad says:

Epic! RIP Laurent Fignon.

Manuel Paul says:

Very good, thank you…

Patrick Stafford says:

This is fantastic!

Eduardo Lucio says:

Try watch this video and, in the other window, listen Kraftwerk's "Autobahn". The sounds and images connect perfectly.

Dave Nub Fisher says:

Wow what memories I bought this in mid 80s vcr tape I watched this so many times then. Thanks a million for this

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