Russia's reluctant teen activist – BBC News

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In 2019, Russian opposition activist Anastastia Shevchenko was placed under house arrest in southern Russia.

The case has transformed life for her 15-year-old daughter, Vlada, who now runs a popular blog about her mother’s arrest and attends events to speak on her behalf.

Anastasia, a single mum, is facing up to six years behind bars, and the teenager no longer sees a life for herself outside politics.

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Video by Sarah Rainsford and Elizaveta Vereykina.


Badara Sow says:

BBC where is Jillian Assange?

pcx 2019 says:

A lot are blind to what russia is really like and most just get a peachy self promoting picture of russia from the likes of RT that never say a single bad word or even criticize them, the truth is russia is a rat infested hell hole and there is millions of homeless children that are forced to live in sewers and anyone that complains gets the north korea treatment.

Terence Field says:

So on Christmas the atheistic BBC offers Pullman. I am distressed that the BBC can act like this and am VERY pleased that Boris will make the license fee voluntary and the foul politicised edifice will disappear. The loss of its 'cultural content is tragic, but even that corrupted and very low grade as it 'reflects peoples lives'.

ROLAS ** says:

that's what happens when there's no man in home

Aurobindo Ghosh says:

bbc real news is two elephants eat christmas tree in moscow but like porn sites bbc always showing girls for trp

Debra Jensen says:

Gawd, these have to be some of the strangest comments. I'll never understand why a thinking being would want to spend time on these videos just to spew hate. All I can figure is that the paycheck must be good and I suppose trolling is an honest job albeit a crappy soul sucking job.

boffinboy100 says:

This law in Russia has been effectively modelled after America's law; part of thr "Tit-for-tat" policy… considering the lengths to which the law traces NGO's money, there's probably something to the court case against her mother…
It saddens me that kids will get caught up in this though.

K Korona says:

Im not fond of putin for obvipus reasons…but lets not downplay the crimes of "activists" of her mother. She wants to destroy Russia turn its values upside down and make Russia a member of the EU so EU has all the resources and nukes it needs for a super power. No thank you. Keep this woman under house arrest and dont apologize for it. Its exactly what that activist would do if she were in power.

cheryl taylor says:

FREE JULIAN ASSANGE Political Prisoner for Publishing the TRUTH……Do an Article on that British State Media

Erik Sarmiento says:

ok a bit of digging and her mother basically works for NGO's for the Rothschilds and Henry Kissinger, lol… those 2 are in my Top 5 Evil People ever.

Thats why shes banned.

And rightly so… is basically Globalist brainwashing to create dissent within Russia to topple Putin.

But the BBC are the Rothschild's PR Machine… so they make it look like a sad story of the tyrant oppressing Putin and his dictatorship oppressing democracy.

Dulce Wilcox says:

BBC can't be trusted. Simple.

Rach G says:

Where is Dad? An important detail completely glossed over.
Is this toxic feminism?
US/UK interference in internal Russian political affairs?
Leave the child out of it – using her makes it simply propaganda!

RAM 1996 says:

Never hurt a russian girl
They are way too hot to suffer

Annyai Presoski says:

Most people are reluctant to be used by political entities. Look at that Greta girl being made to travel the world on a sailing boat to read prepared political speeches.

Callibor 31 says:

How many people died over the decade?

kris Sharp says:

I like attention basically is what the child says. A general things are not good? Things are always not completely good. This is an earth full of imperfect people. The boomer generation reincarnated, Lord help us. What group was mom part of exactly and what particular thing was she upset about?

Stuart Smith says:

Ignore this click bait.

David Anzola says:

Shiva karma ended Soviet Union

David Anzola says:

I ended the Soviet Union

Michael Rivadavia says:

Pediatric Activism will be the "norm" in 2020!

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