Putin Opens Europe's Longest Bridge Linking Russia and Annexed Crimea

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has opened a contentious bridge linking Russia to the annexed region of Crimea. President Putin travelled on an inaugural train journey across the 19-kilometre bridge, which now takes the title as the longest bridge in Europe.

Mr Putin enjoyed tea with engineers on board the train before congratulating workers for proving that Russia is capable of carrying out large-scale infrastructure projects.

The $3.6 billion project has been condemned by Ukraine, the United States and the EU following the annexation of Crimea in 2014, with the new link said to violate the sovereignty of Ukraine.

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Report by Louis Etemadi

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18 04 says:

Linking Russia with Russia!
Go to Crimea and ask those people there who they are!

Dude just dude says:

Hello from Ukraine. I have to say first that half of my family is from Crimea.
He have not to build this bridge if doesn't annexed Crimea. There is fast road from Moskov to Odessa and from Rostov to Crimea, it was cheaper to get by road, because less kilometers. Now citizens of Russia have to drive few days to cross this bridge that costs almost billion of dollars. So, no economical background for this building.

But Russians are happy that government spent their blood money. Who cares that this bridge payback will never return and they lost friendly relations with Ukrainians, mean lost huge market.

This is only you have to know about Russia as neighborhood.

Gr Poll says:

So news was carefully crafted under supervision of morons of mikky pompeo

Alex Bajan says:

In the USA we can not replace George Washington Bridge in Nue York which is 77 Years old.

Константин Иванов says:

Viva Russia!

УкРуИнА ТсЕ ГаВнО says:


Denis Triton says:

Do not play with words so free about "annexion".
In this case Western Germany annexed Estern Germany withoun any referendum at all.

Randall Bermudez says:

Vladimir Putin is a dictator in russia that jail's and kill's opposition in russia.

jhony401 says:

1967 The Israeli-occupied territories  of Palestine , China Tibet 1950 , Hawaii annexed 1898

Those2menoverthere . says:

It's just a bridge, quit crying about it. It's an useful thing to help people travel shut up and move on.

KiLLJoy says:

Bravo Putin! Bravo Russia! Crimea Is Russia!


Forcibly Annexed??? Ahahahaha…The People of Crimea and Sevastopol OVERWHELMINGLY VOTED to Reunified with RUSSIA…it isn’t forcibly annexed, the People willing voted to be reunified! Get your facts straight ODN!

magellanmax says:

Putin just gave Ukraine & the West the middle finger.

bill washington says:

If you do not like what Putin did ? Bomb Russia NATO like you did Serbia Yugoslavia

it's me says:

95% of Russians in Crimea decided to get Russian passports, in Irak, Lybia Afghanistan Vietnam you know who gave them democracy and killed millions, in Crimean no bullet was fired.

whispjohn says:

I think you will find that in a referendum a huge percentage of Crimeans elected to be Russian. Get the facts right please. This headline is crap and you know it, shouldn't we be trying to come together against the American war machine invading sovereign states and ruining entire countries from their greed?

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