Russia: FSB officer killed in shooting outside agency HQs

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A gunman in central Moscow has shot dead an officer from Russia’s main security agency and wounded at least five others, according to the health ministry.
The shooter in Thursday’s attack outside the Federal Security Service’s (FSB) headquarters was “neutralised”, the agency said in a statement carried by state news agency TASS. It was unclear whether the gunman had been killed or detained.
The FSB – the main successor agency to the Soviet-era KGB – said there was only one attacker, who could not enter its headquarters.
Al Jazeera’s Neave Barker reports.

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William Singht says:

Welcome to the new incel's world.

R R says:

They are going to blame it on immigrants from Tajikistan and thus deport 1000 tajik immigrants

Graham says:

moscow looks inciting this time of year.

SoundHysteria says:

A bunch of morons in the comment section. Faith in humanity: lost, again

Kushman 420 TV says:

The FSB are great people may God and prayer's be with these men and Weman

Kushman 420 TV says:

May god be with this Officers family

0westdude says:

I suppose he got the good end of the stick by dying if the fsb had of got him alive he'd wished he'd died

Lynn Kelley says:

This is what has come from Trumputin.

Anthony Lim says:

*assault rifle

alladin says:

It was attack into security service building, not for civilians, looks like conspiracy of fsb,

Šefik Izetbegović says:

There should be more of such incidents in Russia.

Siddharth Sharma says:

If we killed a terrorist in INDIA like that, all of the INDIA would come and say that he had human rights. STUPIDs!

Rude Dude says:

Как сказал Сергей Бодров-младший
Скоро вся твоя Америка будет кусать это, мы собираемся стереть улыбки со всех твоих чертовых лиц

ShoKolad says:

Counter-Terrorist wins!

Adil Asic says:

Attacker wasn't Muslim

J M says:

This guy had dirt on Putin and Trump!

Mike B says:

All the Retards that comment Down with USA should know that America and Russia have close ties with each other we work in Space Together we have Trade with each other we have Instagram friends we work with creating medicine and healthcare together we were allies before so it is what it is.

Falcon Swoops says:

Religion of Peace fellow involved.

Graham says:

the shooter was a US marine, sent by agent trump, to get the pee pee tapes from the fsb.

Gaza kingpin says:

Bet it's a Muslim

Test Fortester says:

Russia sucks

polish king says:

Pirestroyka #2 begins!

Orrie says:

Was donald j trump in his office at the fsb at the time

Gravity Priest says:

A FSB member was killed?! That is not really a problem for me…It is unfortunate dozens of them weren't killed. FSB are below human just like the KGB.

doocieonu says:

Putin is a puppet for Zionism just like Trump, Macron, Merkel, Salman, Xi, etc. Have faith in Jesus Christ. He will rescue the planet

Ashtar Sheran says:

Is Trump okay?!?!?!

Marco Jacinto de Camillis Bueno says:

Pure decoy of Putin and your Brothers of the FSB and GRU.

Helen Bell says:

Sad state of humanity that in every country there is this horror. Political violence, terrorism, mass shootings, stabbings. There is a spirit of evil. Our children deserve better

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