North Korea's message to US: Choose your Christmas present

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Kim Jong Un has been signaling that the deadline for a diplomatic breakthrough between the US and North Korea must be met by the end of this year. CNN’s Will Ripley reports. #CNN #News


Siberian Taurus says:

Dotard started something that's finna start a war

Adrian Adkins says:

Let's give them agricultural technology

lilana Arellano says:

Why is he doing this i dont wanna die! I wanna live

Gerard Allen says:

You dont want it with America! Lol Enjoy your xmas guys!

TrapzOnSwitch says:

Kinda scared for wwlll

TrapzOnSwitch says:

They won't like America's Christmas gift back

Erona Calloway says:

What that Stupid Shit doesn’t know is that the U.S. has Crosshairs on his ass Every Time he goes to take a Shit.

Skerkler says:

People that says nothing is gonna happen … something is gonna happen . Kim jung-un said that by himself … lets just hope that it isnt something bad .. btw i live in france soooooo

Usman Ghani says:

Why Tf Americans are scared of North Korea when u r the super power of the world seems like ur tech is failing then.

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