Grad student Xiyue Wang will be released in U.S.-Iran prisoner swap

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The United States and Iran have agreed to a prisoner swap. Xiyue Wang, a Princeton University graduate student who was detained in Iran in 2016 and charged with spying, will be released. In exchange, the U.S. will release an Iranian researcher. Both countries credit the Swiss government for brokering the deal.

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SL twentyeight says:

the heck he go to Iran? keep that guy there. wasted resources.

r kelly cryin an innocent river says:

under trump literally every non white americans were saved some jail in usa and outside the country! lol. the irony since he's the most racist president ever!

their all the way says:

Funny how they say Swiss gov but not even mention trump for getting this man released.

Walter Heisenberg says:

The fake news will bury this quick.

WTM wats says:

Who is the Iranian researcher? What were his charges?

Mr Me says:

I’ll trade you my human for your human..

AntonioR Software says:

This could have been done long ago, Iranian Javad Zariff was talking about it all the time, but US wouldn't listen.

mick mccrory says:

I think I will take a vacation….. Where should I go.??? North Korea.? Iran.? Russia.? Afghanistan.? Somalia.?
Better idea. The Cote d'azur has way nicer hotels, & facilities for tourists.

Nugget of Truth - Eric King says:

Thank you for this news. Please visit and read my Iran predictions which are now coming true.

Mike Fincher says:

If Obama had made this prisoner swap, conservatives would be spending the whole day claiming that Masoud Soleimani was a secret spy for the Islamic Revolutionary Guard and how dare Obama negotiate with our enemies.

Jake says:

You will not catch me in North Korea or Iran…. ever

Monkey666cash X says:

Why aren’t we going to war yet

Stephen Young says:

Meanwhile former American marine still held in Russia! Shouldn't Trump exchanged the Russians NRA spy instead of just letting her go after 7 months in jail. Let's not make trumps buddy putin angry while at the same time Russian hackers have stolen hundreds of millions of American dollars and Russia will never extradite them since Russian government gets a cut of the profits. Why are we being nice to these cowards!

unionjackess says:

Thanks to President Trump, and you all know it.

Ambers Elledge says:

Hope they check him for diseases. Nothing like a prisoner as a Trojan horse.

J.R. Elgran says:

If, he was actually smart he would've never gone there in the first place.

YesYou 123333 says:

Trump is making deals with Iran!!! IMPEACH!!!! IMPEACH!!!!!

Jonas Antley says:

That researcher has knowledge on nukes bet

rockhard says:

well, this kinda tells you something
things are moving with iran
trump has a way

Charlie Ennis says:

Lesson learned. DON'T GO TO IRAN!!!

Justin Saephan says:

All of the suddenly he is only american, not asian american.

Wolf Among Sheep says:

The U.S will release a researcher who was probably detained for a good reason and Iran will release some kid who didn’t even do anything.

CarbOnl y says:

The word Swiss is now synonymous with peace in my brain now

Penguin Tacos says:

Lmfaooo shoulda let the dude rot in jail for going to iran

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