5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Become A Software Engineer

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Getting into software development is tough. To become a web developer, dev ops, or software engineer you have to overcome a lot of obstacles. In this video I discuss 5 reasons why you shouldn’t become a software engineer!

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Jeff Jarvis’ Video (much funnier then mine)






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Program With Erik says:

Wow! I didn't think this video would get so much attention! I just made a video on 5 reasons why you should become a software developer. https://youtu.be/0GGwPuNMZSY . I was trying to play devils advocate in this video. There is a lot of people wanting to become a software developer for the wrong reasons. I just wanted to highlight that this field isn't for everyone. And yes, being a women in tech is hard! Unfortunately, there is a lot of discrimination out there, and it sucks. I want our industry to be more inclusive, and it just isn't. I think things are getting better though. Anyways, I'm glad this brought up a lot of conversation.

Curtis K says:

You day a junior developer needs to stand out when applying with no experience. What are some examples of how one can stand out?

Randy Randall says:

I feel like here in Oregon there are so many jobs that they can't fill the positions even for Juniors but a Bachelor degree is a must. A lot of people change to Information Systems because programming is hard. I think the competition is likely due to location. Once you get a couple years experience I hear it is way easier for finding jobs.

Nick Holzemer says:

I used to be a software developer, I am so glad I got out of it. I hated it so much and I don't miss working in that field whatsoever. Now I am a diesel mechanic and I enjoy that so much more!!!

T3n Tube says:

put yourself in the middle, i can't see the last line.

butterfly dragon says:

The only thing for me is learning all this in a short timeframe. I could not do it after bootcamp. I no longer am pursuing software development because I kept thinking about getting a job and I was unemployed. I wasn't going to rely on whiteboards to get me by when companies only ghosted me and recruiters just wasted time I could have spent building or studying. I could not think straight. So now I'm focused on getting any job that could pay the bills so that I won't be stressed out learning. However, I'm now learning this on my own time for myself only, not for any company or recruiter. I can now think about creating without stressing about which project is best in a porfolio. I can now study and retain information at my own pace.

Monique says:

I've heard software engineers get developed vetting before starting a job. What was your experience like?

sam smith says:

You should rather title your video as: “5 reasons you shouldn’t become a software engineer if you lack these traits….”. Otherwise, Your title will mislead people.

Well, you shouldn’t talk for everyone. Some individuals are very fulfilled with these jobs. Go to stackoverflow to read some survey. While some people are stressed, unfulfilled, some on the contrary are very fulfilled and happy with the challenge these jobs offer. Are you telling me that all developers on this earth are unhappy and unfulfilled? You might try to discourage some people from pursuing this job, but some people who are passionate enough with these jobs will just ignore you. I am speaking for those people you might have successfully discouraged and I am also preventing you from crushing the dream of some people who have the abilities and passion for development and engineering. You have to understand that some individuals, among which we count gifted, talented or simply hardworking people are driven by challenges and difficulty. Is it because software engineering is hard that people shouldn’t do It? Are you serious? For some people, When things get easy, they become bored and loose interest in the stuff. It’s as simple as that. Do your research on Myers-Briggs Type indicators to learn more about personality types. Another important point worth mentioning is that monotony is what put many people off their career. Some individuals are driven by novelty, continuous learning and improvements. Just like scientists, developers are always learning new things to evolve and they LOVE that. Again, refer to MBTI personality types.

Also, is being underrepresented in a field enough reason to abandon a dream? Marie Curie is the first woman to win a Nobel prize, the only person on earth and the only woman in history to win a Nobel prize twice. But her life wasn’t without challenges. People like you actively tried to discourage her from pursuing her dream but she finally made it because she has passion, grit and persistence for the field. While women may be underrepresented in the software engineering field, it’s changing. More and more women are getting into Tech thanks to the support of various organizations and actually women are killing it. Why would you want to kill women’s dream to be a software engineer?

Lastly ,some people are simply fascinated by computers, and you can’t change that unfortunately. You have to understand that software engineering really fit some people.

One more thing, Don’t speak in absolute terms. Be specific and target your videos for people who lack some traits necessary for software engineering. Don’t ever discourage potential engineers and developers who are passionate and talented, your video might discourage them.

larhule says:

I don't understand how you get from there being fewer women in the field to there being barriers to women getting in the field. It has been shown that GENERALLY women choose careers based on an interest in people while men choose careers based on an interest in things. I've participated in many interviews for developer jobs and background discussions behind those interviews and never once has anyone ever brought up the candidate's sex as an item of consideration.

Jason Labro says:

Forgot so many things. 1 – you'll almost always be 10x smarter than your boss, but they'll treat you like an idiot. 2 – lots of crappy jobs where they really only want someone for 3 months – the jobs tend to be very temporary and expect to be between jobs 2 month out of every year. 3 – always 10 Indians to replace you which makes it so the pay is not equal to the amount you have to study and stay on top of things.

Ryan Parmelee says:

If retail paid better I would do that for the rest of my life. Any job to me is just a way to make a living. Nothing more, nothing less.

Walter Cole says:

There is no such thing as "underrepresented" in a field. It's not difficult for women to get into tech. Its up tot he person whether they desire to enter a profession. Where can we see that companies are saying "no women allowed"? And if a woman doesn't want to enter a meeting or class because there are no other women, then that is on them, not on the people there. Much of the time in my life I was the only black person in the room, I didn't leave or feel uncomfortable because I was the only black person there. And if I had, that would have been on me. That is life. Sometimes you are the only person of whatever stripe there. Deal with it. We need to stop making excuses or making up problems where there are none.

Rooster HAX says:

Is this a thing? How bout not being analfabetic or useless because we aren't capable to write or read code. Like literally a good developer can be a pain in the ass to the governments and evil corps

wickedcat says:

reason 6 : mind rape

Cesar Villegas says:

I'm actually self thought, right now I consider myself to have the level of a junior Web developer, and this job is hard, you are basically building machines, and you have to think a lot on a logical way, it's a frustrating job and you spend a lot of time just fixing your own errors, also it's a very stresfull job because if something goes wrong it's on you, but I find it very enjoyable and fulfilling

Bestndexinspires says:

That's a very useless video encouraging weakness

ingusmant says:

Dude I think you should check how other industries are because your commentary sounds really out of touch.

deanc2000 says:

Women can't spend hours upon hours in front of a computer. They are social creatures, and it's hard for them. It's easier for men, because we are encouraged to be independent.

Abdul bacar says:

I'm currently a CIS graduate at AFRICA UNIVERSITY  I 'm working as networker but I'm in love with programing and I wasn't good at it at university but I want to follow programming I don't care what is going to happen im just 22 years old.I believe we can become anything we want!Guys Lets do it

RealToughCandy says:

This video got some real heat!! I'm one of the only women here commenting on your point about women. What most people don't know is that the software industry was seeing a lot of women joining its ranks from the start of WWII up until the '80s. 

Since then, tech has gone from possibilities and breakthroughs for humans to a focus on implementation, hours worked, and money making. We really don't see anything new or life changing coming out of Silicon Valley or other tech hubs like we did 30 years ago. Women place value on careers where they can make a difference in humanity and the typical modern tech workplace just does not provide that opportunity.

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