Teejayx6 – Gadgets (Official Video)

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Shot by @iamrefils


Fred Meyerz says:

teejay know he banned from all walmart

Lord Debs says:

who got a Venmo ? let's make sum bands
dm me on insta @debsdareaper

ashep126 says:

My favorite part is how it's off rhythm. Man, I remember when I thought Soulja Boy was trash but he sounds like Pac in comparison to these clowns.

Darko says:

oh shi black and white forces

RonnieRon says:

Is BinGo legit can u hit at a atm with they shit?

Rayaun Whittenberg says:

His flow is HORRIFIC !!!

Nick Griffin says:

Fantastic. Thank you

Trilldkboomin4thbaby says:

Bro gota Temperary clout yo shit is no longer Poppen my guy

chillcat43 says:

Another Detroit beat

ListenUpNow says:

Y’all not tired of this shit yet ?

Lito Brigante says:

Fresh asmf on this junt

Lean Skeet says:

Have to listen to his songs like three times to catch on lol I love bra shit lol

Tjaay97 says:

“Gave him a cookie from the store and told that nigga its a edible” lmfao

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