Career in Bio Medical Sciences

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If you are a Bio-Medical Engineering / Pharmaceutical / Biology / Medical Student and preparing for Bio-Medical Sciences, then you must know Career options in Bio-Medical Sciences. In this video, Tanmoy Ray explain you about branches/courses of Bio-Medical Sciences, Common Job Roles & Tasks of a Biomedical Scientist / Engineer, Biobank Research, Difference between Biomedical Scientist and Biomedical Engineer, Average Cost of Course. Also watch here Industries of Employment for Biomedical Scientists, Salary Package of Biomedical Scientist.
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Biomed Master says:

Great talk, thanks Tanmoy!
3:46 I'm amazed! I knew students in the US usually start 'real life' with massive debt, but 50 grand on average! Damn, that's a lot of money! I'm from Belgium, so it's good to see that our education system is way cheaper, else I wouldn't have had a chance for getting my biomedical degree myself…
20:16 the PhD stipend in Belgium in 2019 (indexed) is about 2000 euro. As a TA I currently make more because I already worked 5 years in biotech. More info: check out this video:

Dr Rajendra sheregar Rajendra says:

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Hassan Moalim says:

What is the differance between boimedical seinece and boimedical lapolotary

Hind Ben says:

what are the jobs options for a student with a bachelor's degree in biomedical science in the USA?

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