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Hey Guys, Thanks for joining the Flat Pack FX community.

In order to give something back i’m running 3 competitions!

Terms and Conditions below.

Prize 1) Comment down below “The types of effects you like making or want to learn” for your chance to WIN a $100 gift Card. Winner will be selected on JUNE 1ST.

Prize 2) Comment down below “The types of effects you like making or want to learn” for your chance to WIN your name/ logo featured on a future video. Winner will be selected on JUNE 1ST.

Prize 3) 2 people will each WIN a custom printed Flat Pack FX acrylic logo signed by me. All you need to do is comment on the Instagram images in JUNE using #FLATPACKFX. I will select a winner in July.



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Flat Pack FX says:

Hi Guys! Thank you for all entering the competition, i am pleased to announce our 2 competition winners. Prize 1 is Julia Sommer and Prize 2 is Taif Al Bakshi, congratulations to both of you I will be in contact with your prizes. Flat Pack FX


your video are cool i really love it

Turi AE says:

Hello Ethan, I really love your channel, its very helpful and easy to understand. I would like to learn about making 3d models of laptops and phones for software UI videos. I am sure you will help me. 🙂

pranith kumar says:

Hey flat pack congrats on getting to 1k, What I would like to learn is a character animation in after effects it'll really help my work, Thanks and keep up the great work.

Quorhbienarh Cobbienah says:

the flash effects……

Midtrack says:

Whats up Flat Pack! Congrats for the high quality tutorials, by the way, would love to watch a series of Music Videos Effects and Tecnique, it's always good to learn from the Pros how to improve my work.

Taif Al Bakshi says:

Hey!! i would like to learn a parallax Freeze frame effect if you're kind enough to do it ^_^
nice hairstyle by the way 😀

Prantik Chakraborty says:

I would like tutorial on effects like element 3d

Ariel Navarro says:

Hi. I would like tutorials about 3D Tracking with the use of Cinema 4D Lite.

Henry Johnston says:

My favorite effect to do is definitely rotoscoping, maybe you could do a tutorial on tips to get accurate rotoscopes? also there are so many effects and presets I haven't explored so maybe do a video one your favorite effects? I love your videos!

Sommer Time says:

I would like to thank you for the inspiration, your energy and ideas. In the past 4 month my AE Skills went from 0 to a level, where I can use the simple graphic effects with confidence and experiment with ideas. And your tytorials are by far easiest to understand and follow.
If i could wish to learn next new thing for me – it would be how to slow down/ speed up the footage in AE to create the dramatic effect of people and moving objects. And some good tips on "3d camera"-layer – going in depth on what awesome things it can do besides sliding over a still image and making it more alive.

Divya Jain says:

Punches , Car , bullet , action types

Егор Перепелица says:

I like using turublent dispace effect cause it makes interesting results,would be nice to see in your video


First, thanks for taking your time to make great videos that helped me learn alot. Not just copy and paste stuff but alot about after effects in general. On another note, my favorite effect to work on and do are hologram type effects. The type of effects i would like to learn more of is CGI adding monsters and 3d models to scenes ect.

Adrian Prospero says:

Congratulations! Great videos. For the competition, 'How to use the camera solver to get the 3D data of a moving planar object'.

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