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This video is dedicated to all those people who think that math was boring. Today, we are here to prove the opposite! In this video, we collected the coolest math tricks for all ages. It doesn’t matter if you’re 6 or 66, you’ll be surprised! If you don’t like math and believe it’s boring and dull, it’s high time to watch this educational video and decide what your side is! Math is pure beauty and perfection – and you can check it yourself!

In this video for kids, you can find a couple of tricks for toddlers who just begin to learn math – you can draw anything out of numbers – animals, fruits, or whatever you like. This exercise is incredibly useful for little kids – it’s good for developing imagination, it’s good for learning numbers (animals, fruit, etc.), so it really helps to train the brain and learn something difficult! This activity is also good for develoing fine motor skills.

Other surprising math tricks from this video are there to prove that math is nothing but beauty and perfection. However, they are easy to memorize and you can surprise your classmates, friends, or family members with these awesome tricks! Learn and repeat!

You’ll be surprised when you’ll see how to help you count using your hands. Do you want to learn how to multiply by 12 easily? We will multiply numbers from 0 up to 19 by 12. The answers may surprise you (needless to say, I was shocked). It’s difficult to expain, it’s always better to watch and see yourself. If you’re not impressed enough, watch the video till the end and check out the multiplication by 13 or 99.

In this video, you may find many surprising challenges – exponent trick, multiplication by 12, 13, 99, easy and unexpected ways to multiply numbers, multiplying by 7 using a special grid, Indian multiplication, and what not! Watch and have a lot of math fun!


01:11 – Using hands
06:11 – Counting the number of triangles
08:52 – Indian multiplication
11:56 – Multiplication by 99


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guduri dhruv says:

nice shortcuts

Dr.Rukhsana Bashir says:

1:36 Plz other tables too

Neenacreme Beauty says:

1+1=2 2+2=4 4+4=8 8+8=16 easy

Pm Iqbal says:

you are awesome

J Channel says:

Hi 5 minute crafts, i like to tell you that on tictoc, somebody is keep using your videos to have more likes, I've reported him many times but it doesn't work, pls check. Thanks!

the3k99 says:

this is cool!!!!!!!!!!

•NameLess - Army• says:

This isnt gonna embarass my tchr. She thought me dis._.

Salman Zaheer says:

Positivity is important in life, such a nice video with a negative caption. Wish he could made like this caption
" Tricks you can impress or surprised your teachers" etc

Pankaj Chauhan says:

Really I am so canfuse having seen this types math tricks really amazing tricks

Violet Wigley says:

2:09 my teacher fought me this -_-

Blessy Varghese says:

I know Lattin multiplication

Mobin Pardesi says:

Wow, what are you doing? I'm confused.

rkashala ashalata says:

At 0:03 what is the title of the song I mean the name of the song played

Mohammed Safiullah Hashmi says:

You are great

Vinto Pinto says:

my teacher already taught me lattice multiplucation

IDO KNOW says:

3:54 is the only one i knew ;D.

dylan nutterzs says:

i tryed different problems for each of these and it didn't work

sister fun lemon says:

im smart know i emneraze my taecher

Bindu Yadav says:

54 ×58 ans is wrong with using your method 21×31=651is your method

LearnRealSkills says:

Good Creation.

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