How I Started An Online Business

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How I Started An Online Business- This video will take you on a journey with me from the beginning to end of starting my new company, Toat.

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Hi! I’m Taylor, I’m originally from Canada and currently living between Toronto & Hong Kong and sharing my life along the way! My channel is lifestyle based with mostly vlogs, DIY’s, makeup, health, and nutrition.

Main Website:
Rosie’s instagram:
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Epidemic Sound

MY EQUIPMENT:my camera- Canon 80D
Wide Lens
pancake lens (tight lens)
Rode Microphone
Drone- Phantom 4
vlogging camera- Canon G7x mark II
Manfrotto Small Tripod

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Carina Oriental Dance says:

wow! I loved this! I'm a business student and I learned stuff from watching this! Thank you!! Good luck! Wish you the best 🙂

GB says:

Omg i love your website c:

Elizabeth Canon says:

I'm excited for you, My Dear! Have faith in yourself, always. If it feels right, then it is! You're right, start where you are, wherever that is, but just start!

Nyle Mama says:

seeing your determination to tackle the challenges one by one is so inspiring!!!!

Martina T. says:

I like the style

OutSourceQueens says:

I'm sad its kinda too pricy but looks amazing just to expencive

VIolet Black says:

Aahhh I'm literally looking this up rn.
TAYLORR Omg I'm shook!
Yasss werk it boss!

Kristin K says:

bb taylor!
haven't been watching you for that long but I'm so proud!!
also, this video was so inspirational <3 <3

Machaon says:

It would have been nice to get a justification of the prices. Is it sustainable ? Or the materials quality, conditions of workers etc idk how to say exactly. I was a little surprise by the style of your clothing line. Anyway, it was interresant to see the process of creating a business !

Elina Dobagova says:

0:12 elbow san

Choco Chan says:

I'm so glad I come across your video for inspiration when I really need it most. For the first time I thank youtube for recommend me such a great start up video. I've start a few online business and kinda lost the fire to keep it going. And recently I come up with another start up but I'm stuck hitting a block end. Now I'm going back to draft my plan again to see where am I missing. Thank you so much Taylor

Angelica Guercio says:

Omg! Wow after watching you for so many years I’m so happy for all the growth and passions you’ve been going for! You are truly an inspiration and I wish you the best of luck. The website looks gorgeous by the way, off to an excellent start~

Diana García says:

Your website's so pretty, I'm amazed!

Madina Eva says:

Congraaaaaaats!!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Vanessa Livernoche says:

Wow! We are so proud of you Taylor! Can't wait to see what will happen for you and your company in the future. I wish you the best of luck 🙂

Carolina Castillo says:

Real leather???!!!!

Al F. says:

Yea, I would not register my domain name with "Go, Daddy." One of the most scummy company there ever was.

aish nuz says:

Hope your business flourish and you succeed!

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