The fascinating physics of everyday life | Helen Czerski

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Physics doesn’t just happen in a fancy lab — it happens when you push a piece of buttered toast off the table or drop a couple of raisins in a fizzy drink or watch a coffee spill dry. Become a more interesting dinner guest as physicist Helen Czerski presents various concepts in physics you can become familiar with using everyday things found in your kitchen.

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Michael Hansen says:

So, if a physicist weighs the same as a duck . . .

Jabir Fatah says:

how are her jokes not landing 🙁

Jewels Okike says:

You know what?

Jewels Okike says:

Are you an investigation people?

Ashanti Cameron says:

Amazing!!! I’m taking intro to physics this semester …. wish me luck!

魏雅雯 says:

Wow, I like her so much and she absolutely supports my idea. Inspiring !!,

Jane Threes says:

There are no experiments that prove the earth is moving
Aries failure
Michael Morley
Showed the stars are moving and the earth is stationary
Gyroscopes are only useful if the ground plane between the two points of flight, departure and arrival is the same
Gyroscopes are used for every flight
Therefore the flights are moving over the same ground plane and the earth is not a globe

Richard Wyant says:

Her enthusiasm is contagious.

Naveen Sagar says:

Great speech mam! you are rewined fundamentals very nice thanks for that

Nick DiazMMA says:

Highly entertaining and educative talk, thanks!

sean soblixe says:

Helen is a stunner!

Spongebob says:

I dunno why she vibrates like rubber band when rolled…!

Terri Godfrey says:

I love her!!

Zion Bayewu says:

her speed and jokes are cute.

Ridium says:

I would with pleasure marry somebody like her. Thanks for letting me know that your kind exists. Such a positive energy…loved it!

Moran Nechushtan says:

I liked the passion, but she didn't say much except the trivial egg example..
there are so much people that make that mistake of talking a round something instead of going straight to the point

Paul Smyers says:

I refrigerate my boiled eggs, and other foods such as grapes, because I prefer my food cold. I've also been told recently that cold food burns more calories because your body has to warm it up.

Physics 😉

vanita rokade says:

Nice talk but talk slow

BuvyLony says:

This is one of my favorite talks ever. She’s amazing.

Plugaru C. Sebastian says:


Sonya Davidson says:

She has an amazing website:

ChewiestQuill 90 says:

Her stage presence is really good

BlacKNyT says:

Apart from eggs nothing else felt everyday life like.

BlacKNyT says:

women and physics… mmpphhfff

Mike Fuller says:

"I'm a physicist! Me, Me, Me!" She is NOT as clever as she makes out!

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