Impeachment witness Marie Yovanovitch called 'bad news' by Donald Trump

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CNN’s Alex Marquardt looks at the events that led to President Donald Trump’s ousting of the US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch for apparently thwarting his rogue foreign policy scheme.

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J. Tueur says:

She serves at the pleasure of the president. She can be fired at any time for any reason or for no reason.

joe ingraffia says:

I bet she wont show up, she stopped some investigations, she is a loser

peter deed says:

Nasty woman will be what she called by that orange fat gutted moron Trump

88Gibson LesPaul says:

Considering what Trump was willing to do to this ambassador, probably even have her killed to get her out of the way, can anyone now doubt that if Trump had his way, there WOULD be concentration camps in the USA?

MunkyMeat says:

Ok, so where is the crime in this? Let's play a game called "Get To The Point" !

Redfishcam says:

Dear commentators. Trump won’t be impeached. Take it to the bank

PinFish53 says:

Report and Sue CNN for Lying and Fraud

PinFish53 says:

Report and Sue CNN for Lying and Fraud

Joe Valdrighi says:

Another big waste of time

joe ingraffia says:

Cnn is too,

joe ingraffia says:

She's another deep State operative

ted brown says:

She's going down like river bedrock.

Bobby Amdro says:

Today I am def drinking during this impeachment hearing. Amazing exp.

Ike Swp says:

Haha this is going nowhere your number one witness has never met the president ❄️ had a bad day Wednesday

Eagle Whitefeather01 says:

She is going to be Schief Spreading Cheeks' worst nightmare. Q was right. Better get more popcorn!


When it come tho monies, then the power follow by respect all sample.

Chris 515 says:

Marie Yovanovitch Rhymes with Michael G Troyomavich – connected to Thompson Reuters – Elizabeth Warren Civil Litigation Firm – 2016 Steel Collective Bargaining Agreement, National Defense Authorization Act – Signed by Obama

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