50 Surprising Facts About Space You Didn't Know

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Today we’re going to focus on education and learn more about space and space facts that you probably didn’t know about! As has been famously said, space is the final frontier. The greatest of unknowns, space is far vaster than we can comprehend, and filled with phenomenon we barely understand. While we’ve been watching the heavens in awe for millennia, space exploration and discovery only began in earnest in the mid 20th century. Yet even what are no doubt our primitive findings still point at a universe more incredible than we ever thought. Hello and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show – today we’re taking a look at 50 incredible facts about space!

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The Infographics Show says:

"Beam me up, Scotty!"

Which quote comes to your mind when you're thinking about space exploration?

Damage says:

You will be chopped like fire wood

Eagle_Gamer518 says:

no UY SCUTI is the biggest star

PotentialChest says:

Update: Saturn now has 83 moons. 20 more discovered

Titan Bestial Transvestigation says:

fantsay not fact

Happy Fox says:

video starts at 0:42 you're welcome

Kaplan says:

red giants dont end up being super novas it is the super giants that collapse and then turn into super novas.

SongsAndMixes says:

UY scuti is the largest star

Space facts says:

Wants to know about space. Just go to my channel

CY_Enam Luv u all says:

Love this videos I am getting smarter than my teacher

Jerel March says:

Hey does anyone remember when infographics said mercury was hottest planet in a old video

ReecezPiecez says:

This is why scientists use the metric system 4:54

Michael O'Connor says:

My favourite star is beutiljuice and my favourite planet is neptune

Paul says:

Recheck your dates. The Hubble wasn't in space in 1923

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