New sexual misconduct allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh faces a newly reported sexual misconduct accusation. A New York Times report claims that a former Yale classmate tried to tip off senators and the FBI last year, but was ignored. President Trump fired back, tweeting that Kavanaugh should “start suing people.” Justice Kavanaugh has denied all previous misconduct allegations.


Maxwell Morgan says:

When it came to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the Democrats exploited a whistle blower by leaking her name to their rich media support base, they even made her throw her hair into her face, and testify in front of the world, even though she didn't want to go there herself, because they thought it would help their cause. But when it comes to the phone call whistle blower, he has to be kept a secret, and that is because he would hurt the Democrats case against President Trump. Funny at how politics, and media are working together these days, isn't it. This was to be, and still is a trap, because so many knows, and yet if they tell it will bring a world of words both good and bad on top of their heads, and because like the phone call, it would be seen as both good and bad at the same time. Strange days indeed, is what we are going through thanks to what the Dems have set into motion. 🙁

cody bob says:

This is why we don’t believe all women

Midnight Rambler says:

Bs and smears

Tom Voke says:

Man-baby Brett Kavanaugh must be put on trial, convicted, and jailed.

f marz says:

You bunch of Moron's…

Barb Riggle says:

Lmao…… I try to be done with the left but they just wont let me

Brightside44 says:

HAHA you failed again NYT no matter how much the Disgusting Left uses false rape and assult allegations you fail because you lost all credibility years ago. Seriously someone needs to blow up NYT WT and LA

Alfred Neuman says:

So if a female college student exposed herself to a male college student, would this be considered sexual aggression or abuse? Do we have yet another double standard here?

Eddie Andrews says:

Romans 1: 24-25 and 2 Thessalonians 2: 11

Dee G says:

This is fake news.. Made up lies by salty dems again .. He should sue for slander

Seductive Pussycat: * TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

not very funny, dude

Larry Louis says:

Another unsubstantiated story with a victim that has no memory of it. This needs to stop. The DoomandGloom Party uses the media to further their agendas, whether the stories are true or not doesn't matter. All that matters is the harm it does at the moment. That is because they have no message other than vote for us or die, vote for us or we will get you, have different opinion, we will ruin you. Does this really sound like a group that is good for any country for any reason?

Oliver Phippen says:


Oliver Phippen says:

Another power play by the left
That was exposed
NYT editor attempts to explain controversial Kavanaugh story, avoids key question

Peremalfait says:

"Newly reported" but not new.

Tony Smith says:


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