Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford full testimonies before the Senate Judiciary Committee

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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Kavanaugh of sexual assault when they were teenagers, both testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. Ford said during her testimony that she was “100 percent” sure that Kavanaugh assaulted her, while Kavanaugh said that he was “100 percent” sure he had not done anything of the kind. The differences are irreconcilable.

After the full day of dramatic testimony, Kavanaugh’s supporters in the Senate were largely ready to move forward with his confirmation vote, though a few key senators remained undecided Thursday night as his confirmation hangs in the balance. The Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation Friday.

For a full recap:

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bizboy5 says:

I've never seen someone on TV with THAT MANY smudges on their glasses.  Nobody on planet Earth who wears glasses would continue to look thru those dirty glasses without cleaning them.  Must be a tactic to make you feel sorry for her.

Sean Wilson says:

She look like a nut, sound like a nut, act like a nut, chin like a chin

Andy Macedo says:

Aww he's breaking my heart ! Aww he took action ! Where's Squibb ?

Andy Macedo says:

Aww poor Brett ! His friendship with the girls are important ! One night ! Dang ! Where's Squibb ? Aww put themselves on the line for Brett ! That's adorable ! Awww a good man a good man ! Be strong ! That's adorable !

Andy Macedo says:

Aww those calendars ! That's adorable ! Awww bretts calendars aren't as good as his dads ! That's adorable ! He's so honest ! Why don't you people believe his calendars ? Look how sincere he is ! Him and Squibb ! Aww at beckys house ! Football training camp with pat ! Dang ! Where's Squibb ? Automatic ! He's Inspiring ! Big time ! Aww tobins house ! The great quarterback ! That's adorable ! Where's Tobin ? Just like his dads ! Yup ! Like diaries ! Of course they were ! Better get some more water ! Where's Squibb ?

Andy Macedo says:

Aww ! Eliza has a lot of wisdom ! For sure ! What about Squibb ? There was a big press conference today in front of the helicopter ! So y'all had better start paying attention ! Unemployment has never been better ! Better start asking Squibb !

Andy Macedo says:

What about Squibb ? Where's Squibb ! Does Brett and Squibb have surveillance on their smartphone ? They had better ! Stephen Colbert has Fallon kimmel they had better all have surveillance in their smartphone ! Or we gotta a very very very very big big big problem ! The government had better smarten up ! Does John brennen have surveillance on his life and smartphone ? He better have it if the the rest of us have it ! Mike Rodgers ! He had better have the surveillance on his smartphone or we got big problems ! Zuckerberg had better have surveillance on his smartphone or we got big big problems !

Guadalupe Mendoza says:

What is Christine give thing about life how she proceed's to her being a person like a beginner?

Guadalupe Mendoza says:

How does Brett feel about being against sport's a issue was brought up to held with information?

Matilda Kavanagh says:

@Ben Annan
i agree

Dr Gene Kerr says:

Christine Blasey Ford needs to be brought before a Grand Jury for Lying Under Oath.

Guadalupe Mendoza says:

What record's is what is being looked for?

Guadalupe Mendoza says:

What will the vote consist?

Guadalupe Mendoza says:

What is compared?

Outlaw Outdoors says:

I believe she probably was a victim in the past. I don’t believe it was at the hands of BK!

Isaac Chay says:

1:50:25 seriously, to bring up accusations years after the alleged events happen so you can self admittedly attempt to influence the outcome of a vote, how is this even legal? this is using the legal system and our will to help genuine victims of sexual violence as a means to poison the well of politics in our democracy, and sway a vote against someone you don't want to be elected, this has nothing to do with justice, or victimization. The Democrats set the precedent with this stunt, I fear how it will recur in the future of American politics.

Chikenwing says:

She has alligator tears

raylotfi says:

Dr Ford should be nominated for Women of the year and nobel prize winner

Devonne West says:

Devilcrats strike again!

Linda Pettitt says:

Yes let’s go over this again and again so those of us who have endured a violent rape can relive over and over again . You are a bunch of stupid pigs. You could care less about women

Orange Hat Reviews says:

Senator Whitehouse was foolish to make such a promise.

Orange Hat Reviews says:

20 minute drive to this country club when her home is only 7-8 miles? How fast would you be traveling? 20 miles and hour or there abouts.

Orange Hat Reviews says:

This woman has not been mentioned since the confirmation, that to me says that she was a PAWN! Also who paid for the GoFundMe account?

ArwenMeow says:

1:22:10 women “are put on trial and forced to defend themselves…” Yeah no duh, it’s called a “trial,” and the women need to PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that what they say is true. That’s how justice works. Period.

Orange Hat Reviews says:

This mirrors what I went through so much. I was falsely accused of a more heinous crime and with NO EVIDENCE, I was arrested and incarcerated for 282, and when exculpatory evidence was given to the DA, instead of DROPPING the charges, they bullied me into taking a deal, which I have regretted ever since as I am 100% Innocent, Just like KAVANAUGH is 100% Innocent of the allegations he suffered. I am glad he was confirmed, because its a thumb in the face of people who Falsely Accuse people of heinous crimes they didn't commit.

Glynda McDonald says:

Who is the blond-headed woman sitting beside Judge Kavanaugh's wife? She always looks like she's crying.

Fiona Hurley says:

Why did she go to the two furthest leaning left news outlets instead of the police? Why the media and not the police? Now she wants an FBI investigation? What?!

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