Simple Online Business Idea Makes Me $8K Per Month Profit!

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In this video I show you a brand new simple business idea that is currently making me $8K profit per month. If you’re looking for ways to make money online or business ideas you need to watch this video.

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After popular demand I have just recorded a video on how to build a DROP SERVICE SALES FUNNEL- Watch the video here:

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A.Halliday says:

hi liam excellent video. just wondered what website you use to build websites?

Can’tGrowTall says:

10- 100 thousand? Lol pretty broad

Inspire Bucket Online Shopping says:

Hello, how did you make such website?

Joe Richardson says:

I'm currently in a situation where i am drop servicing while dropshipping. Thats also something to think about guys.

Jan Alleman says:

I just saw this video and it is a really smart idea indeed, but I had 1 question. How do you build the website you offer the services on? Or do you pay someone on fiverr to build it for you? And does the website cost money monthly or not?

Captain Caveman says:

Hey I was wondering what script did you used to make the website was it WordPress and if it was which theme did you use?

Fitness Mania says:

Liam James kay Please make a update video on how well is this business going please!!

Shayne Fenis says:

if a client would be a recurring clinent, woudl you suggest also hiring the fiverr designer for all client's designs?

Sara Atayde says:

Is it legal to sell someone else’s work like that?

DOS MD says:

is this model an arbitrage concept?

Lani Cross says:

If you could set up a "done for you" (for those of us who have no computer skills at all) like the 12 minute affiliate program or something like that I would join in a heartbeat because this is an excellent idea! Great job!

Matias Calvo says:

How much are you spending in ads for that revenue? Can you show us that? How you design the campaign?

SteadySeller says:

I really like your content! First thing I will actually turn my notifications on for.

aminamina.x says:

I’m wondering how you made this website, I can’t seem to make mine work the way I want it to

aminamina.x says:

I feel like this is the video i've been searching for, for a very long time, thank you so much x

Eric Samier says: is no longer online. Any explanations?

Mushka Project says:

99-10= $90. You sure are going to be millionaire before 30 with maths like that

CoolThings2020 says:

you are the best youtuber how do i get subscribed

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