All Access | Episode 4: Kimi Raikkonen

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Go behind the scenes with one of the most popular drivers on the F1 grid, as Kimi Raikkonen gets down to business in the build up to the US Grand Prix…

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Baphömet666 says:

I’m eating an ice cream watching this

(Drumstick btw)

Jake Heke says:

"Am I gonna get the drink now that I was nice?"

Gelu LF says:

Guau guau very ungry.

Dan R says:

Woooowww kimmi supports a racist piece of shit like Jesse James. Fuck right the fuck off. Jesse James used to be my hero. And people are entitled to their own opinions. Until they support someone’s on a level of prejudice like Donald orange trump. How could you Jesse? Someone that says Mexicans are rapists and drug dealers

AttilatheThrilla says:

If I could trade lives with one person in the world I would choose Kimi

Also where can I get those clothes??

enzochiapet says:

Texas and Kimi go together like peas and carrots

Zeus the Cade says:

Kimi will be a blacksmith when he retires

Ian Lau says:

The 2 coolest and most badass people ever.

Kris vel says:

Rossi of formula 1 , modern James hunt one and only legend , people champion

Agus Sallim says:

Sejak 2002 sampe sekarang alasan saya tetap menyaksikan F1 Grand Prix hanya karena masih ada kamu Kimi Raikkonen

Diego Duarte says:

Antonio Giovinazzi is playing the guitar at 2:54

Lobo Tommy says:

Kimi + Great mechanics + french bulldogs.

Gimme something to nuclearize the like button

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