Oz Exclusive: Roseanne Barr On Her Controversial Tweet

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Dr. Oz speaks exclusively with the woman whose tweet ignited a media firestorm. We ask the tough questions on everyone’s minds: What was she thinking when she hit “send”? Then, a panel of influencers and experts weigh in on Roseanne Barr’s answers.

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Leana Carter says:

BYE!!!!!!! Felicia !SORRY!! SHE WAS BLACK. People stop posting this mess that was not the first time she had acted out. I Really get me when people get caught or call out on their crap they respond is some lame excuse. I don't buy it.

Might For Right says:

These Christians on the panel are quoting the Bible. The Bible says forgive your enemies, be kind to those that persecute you. No where does it say wait for them to apologize. It’s hard to live as a true Christian. It’s about forgiving even if someone doesn’t ask. May God forgive you for misleading the people.

Might For Right says:

How disappointing Dr Oz. Rosanne is not a racist, she is a victim. She was victimize for being a Jew and being against Obama and his shameful policies. I like Roseanne. Shame on you Dr Oz. I am surprised your so bias. So disappointed in you. I’m not sure if I’ll watch you again, maybe when you talk about nutrition, but if your reporting on politics I think I’ll just delete that show. The best thing about this program was during the panel discussion an emergency alert broadcast interruption happen and we didn’t have to listen to the panels expected response. Who picked this panel the DNC? So disappointing Dr Oz.

Anthony Nelson says:

I think it is time for black people to quit being the victim and grow a thicker skin. You have taken the race thing and ran it so completely into the ground that people are tired of hearing the complaints. If you are going to call Roseanne Barr a racist then you better say the same of Caryn Elaine Johnson, AKA Whoopi Goldberg.

chuck davey says:

There's an hour of Dr. Oz's time he'll never get back again. What a waste of an hour. Saw bits and pieces of it. Roseanne got exactly what she deserved.

Renee Murphy says:

Not watching Dr. Oz anymore.

Victorious Yankee says:

I love that barr's racist fans are desperately trying to convince we clean educated Americans that barr isn't the filthy racist her tweet proves she is.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…now fly back to your heartland fans rosie.
Oh, that's right…as soon as barr got some money she flew as far away from her racist fans as she could while still being in America…to Obama's Hawaii


First it's just a tweet moving on .

Stacey M says:

I don’t think Roseanne has a racist bone in her body.. I think the issues she addressed on her show over the years prove she is not a bigot. Do I think what she said was rude? Totally. She shouldn’t have said that but I believe her when she says she didn’t mean it in a racist way & didn’t know that woman was black. I think she was being an a**hole but I don’t think she deserves what is happening to her.

Queen of Hearts 2019 says:

Nice. Hair !!!

Arlene Padden says:

Not buying it Rosanne… to little to late. The only thing she is sorry about is losing her show. She doesn't get it at all….Bye Felicia

Charles Gump says:

So hey Dr Oz. When will you be interviewing Whoopi Goldberg about her racist remark? Just curious..

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